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Why should I continue to use an SEO company after optimization?

So you’ve hired an SEO company to optimize your website. Nice work! That means you already realize the value in your website’s visibility to search engines. However, SEO isn’t a light switch you can flip on or off and expect the same results. So, what’s next?

Consumer Search Trends

To keep it simple, search engines are designed to fetch the most relevant websites based on the search criteria. SEO at its core ensures your website contains the data necessary to be found using that search criterion. What makes this difficult is figuring out what people are actually searching for

Not so long ago when performing a search for a new bike, you might have typed in something generic like “Mountain Bike”.  Since then, the mountain biking industry has changed drastically to include a wide variety of products for different types of riders. This change is also true of the way consumers search for products and services. Instead of “Mountain Bike”, now you might be searching for “best entry-level Hardtail” or “Full-Suspension MTB”. In fact, in December of 2018 Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said before congress “Last year we served over three trillion searches. Just as a fact, every single day, 15 percent of the searches Google sees, we have never seen them before.” No matter the industry, consumer interests are constantly changing and it is important we analyze these trends when maintaining a website. 

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Dynamics of Google

Google updates its search engine algorithms with minor changes more than 2-3x a day! You’ll want an SEO company that can keep up with these changes. While nobody knows (and we may never know) the exact algorithms Google uses, Firestarter SEO has years of experience and industry knowledge allowing us to understand these minor changes.  Staying up to date with these ever-changing search variables is imperative to maintaining the greatest online visibility for your business. 

Makes Sense, but is it Worth my Dollars?

Here at Firestarter SEO, we understand the importance of getting a return on investment.  Most clients begin seeing the desired results within 4-6 months of the campaign. This is because the additional content and backlinks created in those first six months will need time before Google gives credibility. From there, we will regularly analyze your website for new errors that affect crawlability and any changes in relevant popular keyword searches. This continued SEO support will ensure your website doesn’t lose the authority status we’ve helped you establish with search engines, resulting in improved visibility and hopefully more leads.

Any SEO company should at least temporarily increase website traffic. A great SEO company will work collaboratively with clients, relying heavily on their industry expertise to educate them on smart digital marketing decisions that increase organic traffic and achieve a company’s long term goals. For each client, Firestarter SEO designs a detailed proposal mapping out the entire SEO process and how it aligns with reaching the target audience. We maintain strong transparency and communication with our clients throughout the process to ensure they understand what changes need to be made and, more importantly, why they need to be made. 

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