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On-SITE Optimization

On-Site SEO is more than adding keywords to the content on your page. Our experts know which elements have the highest impact on your rankings, and how to strategically insert the right keywords to maximize impact.

Why On-Site SEO Matters

This is Where effective SEO Starts

On-site SEO is how you tell Google what you want to rank for. Through on-site SEO you make your content more topically relevant to Google. On-site SEO is placing words and phrases you want to rank for in specific HTML tags.

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Our Approach To On-Site SEO

The Power Of Surgically Placed Keywords.

We find and implement a keyword strategy relevant to your business and users search to find your product or service. We surgically place those keywords within your site to improve your relevancy and rankings.

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Results of On-Site SEO

Optimization that Fuels Your Results

Higher rankings for relevant keywords with demand from your potential customers. Driving New leads and new customers.

In Detail

Effective SEO Starts With Properly Optimized Pages.

On-Page SEO tells Google what words and phrases you want to rank for. On-page however, is more than adding keywords to the page content. On-page SEO is strategically placing keywords and synonyms in prominent HTML Tags on your website. Some HTML tags carry more SEO value than others. Title Tags, for example, carry more weight than a list tag. Tags that need to be addressed are Titles, Descriptions, Headings, Lists, paragraphs, alt-text, and others.

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Key factors in site performance.

Using HTML tags the way they were supposed to be used will have an added impact on your rankings. Having keywords properly placed within your HTML will tell google what the content is about, what the most important points, and even the thesis. Having Google understand your content is critical to SEO success. We make sure your target keywords are correctly placed throughout your pages.

Keyword Research

Ranking Starts Here

Choosing the right keywords is an art. Having the right keyword strategy is critical to SEO success.


Goal: 2 seconds

Titles tags are considered the most important tag on a page next to the content itself.


Goal: end to end

Heading tags have a hierarchy from H1 - H6, H1 tags carrying more weight. Headings should have target keywords & synonyms in them.


Goal: Keywords

Strategically placing target keywords in the content on a page without keyword stuffing can play a key role in performance.

Meta Description

Goal: Curated

Although, not a heavy ranking factor. Meta-Descriptions do impact click-through rates (CTR).

Internal Links

Internal links are links within the content of your website leading to another piece of content on your site. Internal links tell google what pages are most important.

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Surgically Placed Keywords.

Methodical On-Site SEO Leads to a faster increase in rankings.

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Keyword Research

Our first step is to find the right keywords for your business. The keywords we use have to meet criteria proven to create conversions. 1. Relevant to your business. 2. Keyword has monthly search volume. 3. The intent is implied for the keyword. 4. There is an opportunity to rank for the keyword.

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Intial Page Grades

Using our software, we grade your individual pages to learn more about deficiencies of the pages. Once we have the full picture of the page and how Google sees it we are then ready to start implementing changes and keyword to the page.


Content Optimization

Here we add keywords, LSI keywords, and related keywords to your content. This step makes your content more relevant for the given keyword. During this step, we add your keywords to Heading Tags, Paragraphs, List Tags, Alt tags, and others. In some cases, we will add additional content to your pages.

Curious about LSI keywords? Learn more Here.

Final Page Grades

Our last step in on-page optimization is to re-grade your pages after your on-page optimization has been implemented. Generally, page grades should be above 90%. If the page is below that we repeat the process until the page scores above 90%.


Keyword Targeting

After finding the right keywords for your website, we then assign those keywords to relevant pages on your website. If a relevant page does not exist we create on for that keyword. During this step we also check the site architecture making sure the site is flat and the content is organized appropriately.

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Title Implementation

Once we have found the right keywords for your pages, we implement the keyword in the title of the page. We do this before creating new content because new titles for your website generally give you an immediate boost in rankings for your target keywords. This takes place within 10 days of your campaign starting.

See how we craft effective titles

Internal Links

After understanding your content and selecting the right keywords we interlink the content of your website. This shows google what pages are more important that others.

A site your visitors - and Google - will love.

The end result of our on-page optimization is a page Google ranks well for it’s target keyword (however, there may be other factors in ranking the page other than only on-page optimization). What that looks like for you is having keywords included throughout in proper HTML tags without looking keyword stuffed. Your optimized pages should rank better in search results driving new traffic, new leads and new customers. When On-site SEO is combined with Link building your rankings and results are expedited

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"Both projects were great experiences"

“They’ve helped us with both SEO and a complete redesign of our website, and both projects were great experiences.”

After plateauing rankings and results, Firestarter SEO initiated intensive on-site optimization. This resulted in major increases in traffic and rankings.

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“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Firestarter SEO. They are fun, easy to work with and we always feel like a priority. Skyler, Kyle, and Jared are very knowledgeable and know SEO strategies well! We have been happy with transparent communication and results so far. Next step, website refresh!” – Brittany L