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When performance is measured improvement accelerates.

Conversions & Reporting

45% of small businesses don’t know if their marketing efforts are effective. Tracking your SEO efforts with transparent reporting is crucial to measuring and improving the performance of your campaign.


Measure Improvement & Follow SEO Trends

Reporting allows you to measure your SEO progress, and tracking conversions allows you to measure your ROI on SEO.

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Our Approach to Conversions & Reports

Clear & Transparent SEO Reporting

Transparency for your reporting is important so you can make better decisions about your marketing.

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Conversions & Report Results

Accountability Accerlerates SEO Growth

A series of monthly report tracking rankings, traffic, site crawls, and conversions.

In Detail


Measuring the progress of your campaign is invaluable. When reviewing SEO reports there are several areas we recommend reviewing, they are:

  • Rankings – measure the changes in the search result for your target keywords.
  • Organic traffic – see what amount of new traffic SEO is sending to your site.
  • New visitors vs old – see how much is new traffic vs returning traffic.
  • Traffic sources – see what online sources are sending the most traffic, SEO organic, social, PPC direct.
  • Links – watch as the number of links to your site accumulates and see how this correlates to rankings.
  • Crawl errors – watch for new errors.
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When monitoring and reporting on your website we combine several powerful SEO tools. These tools allow us to analyze, monitor and fix errors on your website. Other tools in our arsenal allow us to research competitors, content, and backlink. These SEO tools allow us to empower you to make educated decisions on your marketing efforts. Many of our SEO software tools are pulled into a Dashboard you have access to 24/7.

Google Analytics

Track Traffic

Allows you to track and analyze the visits to your website. Track traffic sources, new visits and other traffic metrics

Call Rail

Track Calls & From Submissions

Callrail is a powerful tool that allows you to tracks phone calls and form submission through your website.

Google Search Console

Errors, Mobile, Queries & More.

A free tool from Google. Helps troubleshoot errors, track search queries & monitor performance.


Link Reports & Audits

A power backlink research tool. Ahrefs allows us to take a deep dive into you are and you competitors backlink profile.

Rank Tracker

Keyword Rank Tracking

Track your target keywords and search phrases to see where you are currently ranking on Google.

Crawl Auditor

Site Audits & Error Reports

Mimics a Google Crawler, reads parses your website. The Crawl Auditor records errors for clean up.

Submit Your Site

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The secret to solid SEO is transparent reporting. Transparent reporting opens the door for communication and allows us to collaborate. Reporting is a tool that allows us to make shifts in strategy or leverage opportunities to accelerate results and stop problems in their tracks.

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Conversion Report

The conversion report is perhaps the most important. Here you can measure the ROI of your SEO investment. There are three types of conversions we track on for your business; form submissions, website phone calls, and Google My Business phone calls. In some cases, we track other conversions depending on the goal of your campaign.

Why this Matters

Measure ROI

The top 10% of companies see 3-5x higher conversion rates than average.

Traffic Report

Breaks down the number of visits to your site plus the sources of the traffic coming to the site. In a traffic report, we recommend looking at several different traffic reports, month over month, month compared to the previous year’s month, and lastly a yearly traffic report. These reports will help you visualize the changes and improvements occurring to your site.

Why this Matters

Visitor Growth

65% of Businesses say Generating Traffic & Leads is their top marketing challenge.

Ranking Report

Tracks your target keywords and reports on their positions in the Google search results. It is common to see fluctuations in rankings. What you want to see is a consistent upward trend.

Why this Matters

Ranking Trends

88% of searches for local businesses on a phone either call or visit the business within 24 hours. Your rankings matter.

Crawl Report

This reports and audit score showing critical errors, errors and warnings. The audit score in a percentage score, a score above 90% is fantastic. This report will all provide a break down of the errors existing on your site.

Why this Matters

Content Errors

65% of websites have duplicate content errors


The link report trends several metrics showing new links built and also old links that have fallen off. The link report also shows totals links, Anchor text, and the quality of the links pointing to your site.

Why this Matters


The top Google result averages 3.8x more backlinks than sites ranking below them.

Task Report

This report is available upon request. We track all of the tasks and projects we complete for your website and SEO through a project management tool called ASANA.

Why this Matters


45% of small businesses don’t know if their marketing efforts are effective

Accountability Accelerates SEO Growth

When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates” – T. Monson.

The end results are real-time reporting through our reporting portal plus regular monthly reports. When reporting, we report on the steps and metrics landing to conversions starting with links, rankings, content, and conversions.

The reasons these deliverable reports are so important is you can track the progress of your SEO campaign and measure the ROI of your SEO.

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