Growing your business can be stressful, overwhelming, even iscouraging, especially without the right marketing partner.

You are not alone, our clients often come to us frustrated by SEO and growing their companies through marketing efforts.

We’ve removed the SEO guesswork and forgone marketing gimmicks. Firestarter takes a proven framework and customizes SEO services to FUEL YOUR RESULTS.

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Core values

Firestarter SEO Core values


Extra Effort

Hard work is not enough. We and our clients deserve working just a little bit harder. Push the limits of effort and creativity.


Results With Integrity

Getting results for our clients is important but doing it the right way is even more important. Ensuring we do not cut corners, cheat, or steal and providing full transparency is paramount to leading our business to success.


Personal & Company Growth

We will never remain stagnant. Seeking further improvement will help push the limits of what we are capable of. Seeking constant improvement will ensure our capacity to help ourselves and our clients continue to increase, pointing us to the future.


Lead & Serve

As a successful business it is our responsibility to help and teach businesses and business owners to follow in our footsteps. We need to lead and serve the communities we belong to. We need to show owners that serving their communities will enrich their families, business, friends, and communities they reside in.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO


Link Building

Skyler Malley - SEO Expert

Skyler Malley

Founder & SEO Expert

Firestarter Founder and Owner, Skyler, was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. After studying web design from BYU Idaho in 2009, Skyler was in need of his first client. Realizing his father had owned a printing business for over thirty years but never had a website, Skyler began working on putting together the Rolls Royce of websites for his old man. When the website went live after a few months of hard work, he ran into an issue: no one was visiting the website. Realizing that having the perfect website simply isn’t enough to have people find your business, Skyler began educating himself on ways to increase organic web traffic and very quickly found himself walking down the road of digital marketing. Thus, Firestarter was born.

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Nowadays, Skyler is known within the company as the man you can always lean on when you need a fresh pair of eyes on a clients’ campaign. His values are the same as the company’s: transparency, personal growth, educated strategy, hard work, and finally servant leadership. An expert SEO guru by trade and hobby, he’s built a name for himself in all things digital marketing by understanding that no one campaign is the same. When asked what he likes about digital marketing, Skyler is quick to say that it keeps you “on your toes” because in this business there’s simply a lot of trial and error. Because the internet and search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, it’s important to stay up to date with the changes to ensure that our clients are getting the most out of their investment.

Outside of the office, Skyler is a big fan of coaching his son’s Little League baseball team. On top of that you can find him playing softball, reading just about anything, working out, collecting watches, hanging out with his family.

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Kyle Carney - SEO Account Manager

Kyle Carney

Director Of Sales

Kyle was the first employee hired to join the Firestarter team. When our founder, Skyler, had grown the business to the point where he simply couldn’t handle the full workload alone he felt that it was the right time to bring on a dedicated account manager. Since then, and with the company continuing to grow, Kyle has moved into a sales director role, managing our killer team of account managers and expert search engine optimizers while also moonlighting as company CFO.

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Hailing from beautiful Littleton, Colorado in the southern Denver suburbs, Kyle has worked in marketing services since 2011 before moving into a strictly digital marketing role when joining the company in 2016. When asked what he likes about working in SEO and digital marketing as a whole, Kyle says “the concept of inbound marketing makes so much sense. Getting your business in front of people who are actively looking for your services can serve as a major catalyst for growth. Especially when compared to traditional forms of marketing.”

While he may not agree with this statement, the team at Firestarter see’s Kyle as captain of the company cheerleading squad, always there to give everyone a little extra kick of motivation on a daily basis. Kyle is also known within the company as a man with high standards and conviction that he attributes his and the company’s success to. Above all, he finds that integrity is the most important quality we have as a business within an industry that unfortunately doesn’t have the best reputation all the time. On top of integrity, Kyle believes that our educational sales process, data driven strategy, and a true partnership approach with our clients is what makes Firestarter the most unique and trustworthy SEO firm in the industry.

When he’s not working, Kyle can be found hunting and fly fishing in the beautiful Colorado backcountry, fine tuning his expertise in quality meat smoking, cheering on the Broncos, Avs, Nuggets, and Rockies, and reading just about any science fiction and fantasy book series he’s working on.

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Jeff Porter - Small Business SEO Expert

Jeff Porter

Director of Results

Jeff was born in Denver but grew up in Littleton, Colorado not far from a couple of the other team members. In fact, Jeff and Kyle have been friends dating all the way back to high school.  After working in various types of roles for a number of years, Jeff came onboard at Firestarter back in 2017 as its third employee. While his official title in the business is as an director of results and SEO expert, most of us know him as the go to guy for all things small business, possessing an intimate knowledge of what small businesses in particular need to do to climb the rankings and drive organic web traffic on their site.

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Jeff enjoys working for Firestarter because it has the best reputation in the state of Colorado when it comes to digital marketing. “We know that every campaign has to be unique to each individual client.” In order for our clients to see the full return on their investment, we can’t just treat every campaign the same. When asked what values he holds himself to on a day by day basis, Jeff says honesty and transparency are his most important. On top of that, it’s all about patience; “you just have to trust the process. SEO takes time and it definitely has its moments where progress is slow and frustrating. Regardless, it all eventually comes together and everyone goes home happy.”

When he’s not working, Jeff can be found playing golf, hanging out with his kids, cheering on the Broncos even though they’re terrible, and generally doing whatever his wife tells him to.

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Myles Rieger - SEO Account Manager

Myles Rieger

Sales and Account Manager

Myles was born and raised in Louisiana and spent many years living abroad in Europe before making the move back to the US in 2020, eventually settling in Denver where he could be as close to the mountains as possible. On top of being one of the company’s account managers, Myles is an SEO expert with a diverse knowledge of various industries. Prior to joining Firestarter, Myles had been involved in some aspects of digital marketing with a travel company that ran it’s own PPC campaigns. When combining his experience in these two businesses, he enjoys nearly 3 years of digital marketing experience. 

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When asked what he enjoys most about digital marketing, Myles is quick to say that he enjoys working with clients in so many different markets, “it keeps things fresh because every campaign has to be fine tuned for each specific industry.” In terms of values, Myles’ most important are without a doubt transparency and in general keeping a positive mental attitude when going about work. These two values combine for a strong partnership between Firestarter and our clients that sets both parties up for great success. His biggest success story is in reality almost all of his clients. But if he had to pick one in particular, perhaps it would be helping a non-profit organization that supports families with children with Congenital Heart Disease go from the 4th page of Google to the top of the 1st. In doing so, the client has been able to raise more funds to give these families the support they need.

Outside of work, Myles can often be found (or not found) in countries most Americans would never think of visiting, going to concerts at Red Rocks, snowboarding, hiking, cooking Cajun foods, and cheering on his LSU Tigers in just about every sport. 

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