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Link Building

Many SEO strategies place a major emphasis on content creation. However, if your strategy centers on content creation alone you are missing ranking opportunities. “If you build it they will come” does not apply to content. Google determines the quality of your content by the quality, quantity, and relevance of the links pointing to it.

Why Link Building Matters

Links Are One of The Most Powerful Rankings Factors

Links are one of the major factors Google uses to rank a website. Links establish the authority and popularity of your website. The more quality links you have the better your rankings will be.

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Our Approach to Link Building


Find & Build Relevant Quality Links. The more links you have the higher your rankings will be. We find quality relevant backlinks.

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Link Building Results

Accelerate Your SEO Results With Links.

We focus on consistently building high-quality backlinks. Adding backlinks to your website ensures your rankings continue to climb.

In Detail

Links Are One of The Most Powerful Rankings Factors.

Other than content, links pointing to your website is one of the most important ranking factors. Links from third party websites are like votes the more votes you have the higher your rankings will be. Not all links are created equal though, links from high-quality websites pass more value to your website when linking to you.

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Better Understanding Links

There are several ways to evaluate, monitor, and build backlinks. When building links we focus on a few key metrics to understand the true value of a link. Those metrics are Domain Authority (DA), Domain Rank (DR), Total External Backlinks, and a few other metrics. Below is more terminology to give you some of the basics of link building.


Google's Ranking algorithm.

Google does not use the original algorithm, but they do use an updated version to determine how your website should rank based on links.

Domain Authority

DA Created by MOZ

A widely used metric created by to determine the ranking potential of a website. The scale is 1-100 with 100 being the most authoritative.

Total Links

Internal + External Links

The quantity of links pointing to your web pages carries a strong correlation between the traffic and rankings of your website.


Unique Links

Total # unique websites linking to your website. The more unique websites you have linking to you the more likely you are to have better rankings.

Anchor Text

Hyperlink Text

The visible/clickable text pointing to your website. It is highly influential on rankings. The target keyword should not exceed 5% of your anchor text.

Link Outreach

Effective Link Building

Refers to requesting a link in exchanges for content. Outreach can be an efficient and cost-effective method for building links.

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A recent study found #1 Google result averages 3.8x more backlinks than sites ranking in lower positions.

Our first step in building links is auditing your website. In our link audit, we benchmark you against your competition so we know the quantity and quality of their backlinks. We also check their profile for links they have that you do not, this allows us to understand what it will take to get you to the first page of Google.

Each month Firestarter prospects for new links, we are constantly looking for, finding, and building quality relevant backlinks for you. When prospecting our we are looking for quality first, and quantity second. Quality links tend to fall in the category of industry publications and guest posts. The focus for quantity comes from niche directories and local directories. We have found that quality links will move your rankings faster than focusing solely on quantity.

View the timeline to the right to see our full link building process.

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Link Audit

To understand what needs to happen to improve your rankings we audit your backlink profile and compare it against your competitors. We look at who is linking to them and not you, how many links they have, and the quality of the links they have. This gives us an understanding of what it will take to outrank your competitors.

Link Outreach

Guest Post Link Building

Guest post link building can be an effective method to increase your brand visibility while improving your search rankings. Based on specific topics and keywords, we generate lists of websites that are relevant to your business, we then reach out to the webmasters and supply them with content linking back to your website.

Niche Websites

Foundation Link Building

Foundational links are all of the industry-related links you would expect to find your website on. The links can potentially be some of the most powerful links we earn, not because of the quality but rather the relevance to your business. We find foundational links by using special search queries that show us relevant industry-related links.

Local Link

Local Directories & Citations

Your business and website should be listed on local websites to improve your local visibility and local rankings. Your company name, address, and phone number needs to be consistent across local directories. We have a setlist of websites you should be listed on, and we check these sites for your business listings and listing accuracy. If your site is already on there, great! If not, we’ll submit your site, and if the information is inaccurate we’ll clean it up.

Link Reports

Monitor & Report

A vital aspect is monitoring the links that go live and links that don't. Some links will get submitted but never go live. It is important we continue building links. Link building is a process of accumulation. The more links you continue to earn the more powerful your website will become. One of the biggest mistakes we see is companies quit building links to early.

Accelerate Your SEO Results With Links.

Here’s what happens when you consistently earn and build backlinks:

  • Better rankings – Clients who allocate a healthy budget towards links see a drastic improvement in rankings.
  • Increase in traffic – Links often bring in new traffic themselves + the traffic brought in from better rankings.
  • Experience the “Halo Effect” – Building links not only fuels rankings for target keywords but improves rankings for other relevant words and phrases.
  • Earn more links – As links and content are continually found more visitors will cite and reference your content.
  • Convert more leads – Better rankings mean more traffic, more traffic means more leads, more leads mean more customers.

Links are a powerful accelerant for rankings. Links fuel your SEO results.

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How Link Building led to over 100 1st Page Rankings Nationwide

A National Golf School sought to grow their business through SEO. Firestarter SEO implemented a comprehensive link-building campaign, and the results have increased exponentially over time. This includes over 100 1st page rankings across the nation.

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"It is amazing what they were able to do"

“I’ve been working with Firestarter since October 2017 and it is amazing what they were able to do. The number of calls I received this tax season was a HUGE increase from last year. They also send reports and are fully transparent. It’s helpful to see the progress each month. I would recommend Firestarter if you’re looking to get seen on Google.” – Ryan N