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Many company websites don’t work for them. The company website acts as a sales brochure that doesn’t sell, wasting precious company dollars. Having Firestarter SEO, a trusted website optimization company, help design a forward-thinking SEO friendly website, and execute a carefully crafted SEO optimization strategy will turn your website into a lead generating machine.

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Website Optimization Services

Whether you need a new website with website optimization at it’s core or optimization of your existing website we can craft and execute a optimization plan that fits your company needs.

Wed Design

When building a new website, optimization is at the forefront, ensuring your website is conversion focused, SEO integrated, fast and mobile-friendly, allowing you to accomplish your website goals.

Technical Website Optimization

Improve your website’s performance by having issues preventing Google from better crawling and ranking your website.

Site Speed Optimization

Having a fast and mobile optimized-website will put your strategy ahead of your competition and your website higher in the search results.

Content Optimization

Having content optimized for search and users will allow your content to rank in search engines and your content to convert customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Having a conversion optimized website will turn more site visitors into qualified leads, turning those qualified leads into paying customers.

Link Building

No optimization strategy is complete with out link building. Consistently building quality backlinks will accelerate your search engine rankings results.



Website Optimization Audit

Here we determine what website optimization services you need. Whether a full site redesign is need or a simple tune-up. If new site is needed we’ll incorporate all of the necessary website optimization



Whether its a new site or any exsisting one, we’ll tune up your website so it’s mobile friendly and loading lighting fast on desktops and mobile devices.


On-Site Optimization

Here we research and assign target keywords to specific pages. We then optimize those pages with the given keyword by placing it and synonyms in prominent HTML tags.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) occurs throughout the website optimization process. CRO is implemented throughout the design process. As Conversions are tracked and monitored conversion rate optimization tweaks are made to improve your results.


Web Design

Determine if you need a new website or simple changes to the new site.


Technical Optimization

During this step of our company framework we sure the behind the scene peices of your website are functioning properly and are optimized for top performance.


Link Building

To accelerate SEO results we focus on building links to your website. We do this through reaching out to relevant websites and supplying those sites with content linking back to yours.



It’s Important to remain accountable and transparent. Monitoring your campaign allows us to make adjustments along the way. We report on Rankings, Traffic, Links, Errors, & Conversions.