How Conversion Optimization Created 72 Leads Per Month

Time: 4:46 am

“I talked with four SEO companies in Denver. Firestarter was the only one that actually listened and created a custom proposal for me. I was looking for a long-term partner that I could bounce ideas off and grow with. Firestarter fit the bill!”

The Challenge

As a busy business owner, Chris was never able to prioritize doing his own SEO.  He knew the key to his company’s growth revolved around better online visibility, but he couldn’t do it alone.  He approached Firestarter SEO to take the load off his plate, and optimize his site in order to maximize conversions.

The Solution

Firestarter SEO immediately went to work re-optimizing the site. This began by generating a keyword map – a document that outlined the target keywords on every page of the site.  Doing so created the foundation for our efforts in creating results, and sparked instant results. After the first month of work, rankings increased by over 700 spots, including big movement for keywords like “Denver Property Investor” and “Fix and Flip Colorado.”

Ongoing efforts ranged from content optimization to technical error cleanup on the site.  As the work has continued to progress, so have the results.  Since the start of the campaign, rankings have increased by over 1500 spots, and organic traffic has seen major growth.

The Results

502 Leads in 7 months.  An average of 72 leads per month for the business.

61% Increase in Monthly Traffic. At the beginning of the campaign, traffic sat at 844 visits per month, and has grown to 1359 visits per month in a 7-month span.

+1511 Increase in Rankings in 7 Months.  This includes 1st page rankings for keywords like “Real Estate Investment Denver” and “Denver Property Investor.”

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