How On-Site Optimization Can Increase Traffic by 52%

Time: 4:18 am

They have been awesome to work with! They’ve helped us with both SEO and a complete redesign of our website, and both projects were great experiences. Our web launch was the smoothest I’ve been a part of. I would recommend them to anyone!”

The Challenge

MCA Connect’s website was failing to produce results.  Messaging did not seem to be very clear for potential customers, and on-site optimization was not being utilized to its fullest.  As such, rankings were hindered, and the conversion rate from website visitors was low.  MCA Connect needed to better leverage the website, and asked Firestarter SEO to see how they could take the site to the next level in performance.

The Solution

Firestarter SEO implemented a variety of on-site optimization strategies, including an overhaul of core messaging.  The new messaging focused on clarity and simplicity, geared towards educating potential customers.  This was particularly important due to the technical nature of their products.  Firestarter’s team worked hand-in-hand with MCA’s team in order to ensure accuracy.

Additionally, Firestarter SEO began strategically implementing target keywords in the HTML and the content of the site, while making sure to avoid keyword stuffing.  The intention was to provide clarity to search engines as to what was relevant on each page.  These efforts led to an immediate boost in rankings and traffic.

The Results

52% Increase in Traffic After On-Site Optimization.  Traffic the month prior was 1542, and the next month increased to 2343 visitors.

2770 Visitors in One Month. This occurred two months after the optimization.  Google found our efforts to be extremely effective.

+927 Increase in Rankings During the Month After Optimization.  This included major movement for keywords like “Power BI Predictive Analytics” and “Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.”

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