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Technical SEO

By its very nature “Technical SEO” can be overwhelming, the word technical itself is intimidating. Our team of SEO experts will help prioritize and eliminate your technical SEO issues with ease.

Our Approach To Technical SEO

Improve Your Site’s Online Visibility

Our approach to Technical SEO is to prioritize the most impactful and detrimental errors first moving through to the less harmful errors improving your site’s performance along the way.

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Why Technical SEO Matters?

SEO Results

The consequences of not addressing technical SEO issues can be deadly to your website. Certain Technical issues push Google away from adding your site to Google’s search results.

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Results of Technical SEO

A Website Google Loves

The result of our technical SEO audit is a website well-liked by Google and users allowing for better placement in search engines.

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Improve Your Site's Online Visibility & Performance

Prioritizing your tech errors will eliminate the most harmful errors first lifting barriers from ranking in search engines. We categorize errors into three groups Critical Errors, Errors, and Warnings. Critical Errors are 500, 400, and no crawl errors. Examples of Regular Errors would be broken links and duplicate content. Warnings are typically errors like missing meta descriptions, Multiple H1 tags, long titles, and other optimization issues, warnings are typically signs of poor optimization.

This is generally completed within the first month or two depending on the quantity and complexity of the errors. The result of our technical SEO clean is a site with very few warnings,(this is dependent on the platform and design of the site).

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SEO Errors Come in All Shapes & Sizes.

We run of 40 different technical SEO & on-site SEO tests. Our technical SEO crawls allow us to find, fix, monitor, & prioritize your site crawl errors. We run a minimum of 1 site crawl of your website each week, however, when fixing an issue we may run multiple crawl tests confirming the issue is corrected. It is important for the technical errors to come back resolved, the software is made to mimic Google’s crawlers if an error comes back positive its likely crawlers would register the same error.

Crawling, Parsing, & Indexing

500 & 400 Errors

Making sure Google can find, read, & file your website is fundamental to SEO.

Site Structure & Architecture

Flat & Organized

A flat and properly organized website allows users and crawlers to find content with ease. It can also improve rankings.

Thin & Duplicate Content

Unique Content

When 2 pages are identical or closely resemble each other they are considered duplicate, this can have adverse effects on your site.

Schema Structured Data


Microdata gives crawlers more information about tags on your site. Tells google what info is contained in a tag like an address.

Mobile & Page Speed

Site Performance

With the increased use of smartphones, fast loading websites are becoming more & more important for SEO

Other Technical SEO Errors

Long URls, Missing Titles etc...

The above errors only scratch the surface. Thre are several other error types that may occur on your website.

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The Foundation Of SEO

Technical SEO is Fundamental to your website’s visibility Major technical SEO issues can keep your website from being shown in search results. Common terms you hear in relation to Technical SEO are Crawlability, Rendering, and Indexing. Having a website crawled, rendered, and indexed is fundamental to SEO and increasing visibility.


Crawlabilty refers to the ease of which Google (and other search engines) can access your website. If Google is unable to access pages within your website, it will not show in search results.


Rendering refers to Google’s ability to comprehend the content on your website. Google parses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other code files on your website making sure no errors occur. The more errors Google encounters the deeper Google hide you in their index.


Indexing refers to Google’s adding your website to their virtual filing cabinet.

A Website Google Loves

The result of thorough and professional Technical SEO is a website Google loves; a site that allows Google crawlers to easily navigate, access, and parse the site information into their index. Our swift site cleanup results in a website that removes barriers to rankings quickly fostering greater and faster ranking improvements

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"The phone won’t stop ringing"

“I used to have an SEO company halfway across the country. They never answered their phone and gave me the cookie-cutter campaign approach. Since going with Firestarter, the phone won’t stop ringing and they have gotten me leads that have paid for their services for years to come!” – Sean W.

Our Technical SEO efforts removed critical errors, leading to a rebound in rankings immediately. Since the start of the campaign, nearly 400 phone calls have been received.

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We truly feel like this company “has our back.”

“Not only have we seen an increase in traffic with our businesses, but we also appreciate how quickly these guys are to responding and helping with different situations. We truly feel like this company “has our back.” We are very pleased with their services and their overall attitude. Everyone that has helped us has been awesome. Thank you, Firestarter.” – Anna P

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