Since digital marketers came on the scene most can agree that it is important to have a site that is technically sound and provides well-rounded, unique content. To properly quantify which is more important you have to look at what your site provides and how you can take both Tech and on-site SEO and have them work together in perfect SEO harmony. 

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a snapshot of the technical health of your website. It also is everything on the back end of your site that helps crawlers index your site. In addition, the point of technical SEO is to tell Google and other search engines exactly what you want to rank for. Every search engine’s main goal is to provide the best possible user experience. In order to do this, they need to understand your site. Some key-elements of Technical SEO:

  • Mobile-Friendly – In this day in age when so many are using mobile devices, it is important that your site responds favorably when someone is using a mobile device.
  • Title Tags – Title tags tell search engines exactly what the page is all about.
  • Site Structure (Internal Linking) – A good internal linking strategy can boost your SEO and helps your user experience.
  • Site Speed – Site speed revolves around your user experience. Numerous studies have proven that faster sites convert to higher rankings

What is On-Site SEO?

On-Site SEO or also known as on-page SEO is how you optimize your content and HTML structure in order to tell search engines and users what your page is all about. To the search engines, it tells them the same through the HTML structure. Crawlers can’t read content as we do, so the only way it would know what the content is telling us is through the HTML

Technical SEO

Which is More Important?

Technical SEO is the foundation of your whole site. If you are not able to get the basics of technical SEO implemented on your site, search engines will have a tough time indexing your site, which will lead to a lack of rankings or no rankings at all. On-site SEO should be looked at as the side-kick to your technical SEO. In addition, on-site should help with optimizing your keywords keeping your overall strategy of each page in mind. 

So, which is more important? Technical SEO can be perceived as more important just for the fact that crawlers can’t index your site properly without sound technical optimization. Your technical SEO won’t reach anywhere near its full potential without some on-site optimization to go with it. Your key takeaway can be that you should work on your tech SEO first and then move to your On-Site to make sure they both work together and not against each other.