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Creating content for SEO can seem daunting for a business owner. Lack of time, experience, and no clear direction can prevent business owners from even starting. There is no one type of content for SEO that stands out as the “most valuable.” The most important thing to remember when producing content for your website is that it needs to be beneficial to whoever is viewing it. We will review the different types of content and what role they can play for your SEO.

content for seo


The wide variety of options for producing content can quickly get overwhelming.. Instead, here are a few of the most beneficial types of digital content.

  • Blog –  Another word for a weblog. It can be summarized as simply as a journal on your website.
  • Comprehensive Guide – A relevant guide to a service you are providing or something related.
  • E-Book – An electronic version of a book.
  • Infographic – A visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data.
  • Picture – In its simplest form, just make sure it represents your brand, message, or can engage your viewers.
  • Podcasts – A digital audio file made available.
  • Videos – This could be a representation of your work, a webinar, interview, etc.

As you can see, there are numerous types of content that can be described as “Digital Content.” Depending on the message you’re trying to send, some types might be more manageable and desirable for your viewer than others. For instance, if you are in video productions, it would make much more sense for you to have videos of your work up on your website then an infographic on the history of video production.


Since day one, Google’s co-founders set their mission to “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” With this being at the forefront of Google’s mission, it’s important that your content should be easily accessible for your viewers and make sense. What are the best practices for accomplishing this? Google lays it out very simply.

  • Useful and Informative: If you have a website that offers massage services, you should have a comprehensive guide with your hours of operation, location and share some upcoming specials.
  • More valuable and useful than other sites: If you provide security systems, it would be important to talk about your approach and differentiators compared to your competition.
  • Credible: It would be valuable to show positive testimonies from happy customers on your site to give your business and website credibility.
  • High Quality: Your website should boast of unique and specific content. Not so general that it wouldn’t relate to your audience in any way.
  • Engaging: When people know that you understand their problems, they’ll trust that you have the solutions, and will stay on your website to find them.

Google loves big sites. The more content you have surrounding a specific topic or industry will show Google that you have a nice hub of information its searchers will find valuable. In addition, your website should always have a blog. If you’re managing your blog correctly, it should be the part of your website that gets new content most often. That does more than keep your customers coming back – although their repeat visits are a crucial component to strengthening your SEO. It shows off your expertise in your industry. Google analytics show that frequent updates directly correspond to higher SEO rankings.


The coined phrase originally said by Bill Gates in 1996 still applies to today’s online landscape. At the end of the day, by creating engaging, useful content that resonates with your target market, you will position yourself as the expert, increase your brand awareness, and boost your rankings.

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