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How Diamond T Services Increased Their Organic Traffic by 385%

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Diamond TServices

Diamond T Services is is a leading provider of equipment rentals and construction services to the oil and gas, utility, and infrastructure industries based in Golden, Colorado.

Their clients are oilfield and utility construction companies in need of specialized equipment in Texas, Wyoming, and Colorado. With so many companies providing such equipment, With so many options to choose from, these homeowners need a company that provides quality service, reasonable pricing, timely delivery, and responsive communication. JDI Windows fits the bill, and reached out to Firestarter SEO to establish an online presence for keywords like “Window Installation Company”. With our help, they have established themselves as a quality option, and an extremely competitive player in a more competitive market.


Oilfield Services
– Equipment Rentals
– Equipment Sales

Company Size

Small Business
– <50 Employees


Golden, CO


– Solids Control
– Rig Matting
– Access Matting
– Oilfield Equipment

Other Stats

50+ years of collective experience
4.9 stars on Google

The Challenge

Oilfield services and equipment rentals is a very competitive
industry. It is also very congested with many big name, national competitors like Haliburton and United Rentals, playing locally. An added challenge is that it is increasingly seen
as commoditized, making it difficult to differentiate. Despite these
factors, Diamond T Services has built the business by becoming synonymous with
quality products and fast turnaround times whilst remaining price competitive.

When Diamond T Services first approached us, they sought to get on to the first page for 3 specific keywords to improve their brand awareness, increase search visibility, and leads to increase overall revenue by at least 10%.

Our research revealed the size of the challenge, including:

  • Less than 300 visitors per month to the site
  • 1/3 of their traffic was Direct traffic, representing people who already knew about them.
  • The was no visibility for their marquee keywords such as “Utility Construction” & “Oilfield Equipment Rentals”.

In other words, they were not reaching a significant portion of their potential client base.

window replacement

The strategy

Starting from scratch, Firestarter developed a strategy geared towards improving online visibility, driving organic traffic to the website, and generating leads.

Keyword Targeting

There was very little keyword targeting on the site, so Firestarter SEO created a strategic Keyword Map and began implementing those keywords throughout key areas of the site.


Link Building

With less than 40 Referring Domains to speak of when we first began the campaign in 2019, Firestarter SEO had to prioritize getting them listed on as many relevant sites as possible. So we undertook a link building campaign consisting of directories and guest posts.


Content Creation

Firestarter SEO immediately began creating blogs for Diamond T Services. This established consistent updates and additions to their website. This was considered to be crucial to their campaign in order to remain competitive with the bigger companies in their industry.

SEO Improvements

The Results

Our strategy generated results that changed the course of JDI Windows’ business – with massive increases in every key metric.


When Diamond T approached first approached us they had 37 2nd-5th page results. Now, they enjoy 41 1st page results and 9 second page results.



Diamond T Services is consistently getting over 600 relevant, in-market visitors per month.



We have generated over 400 leads for Diamond T Services.



Without breaching commercial sensitivities, Diamond T Services has generated $1.9 Million per year, and they are still a client to this day.

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