A Complete Guide to Checking Your Google Ranking


With more than 6.9 billion queries per day, Google is everyone’s favorite platform for answering their questions. 

If users are lucky, they’ll find solutions to their questions within the first few results- which explains why the top three Google search results grab 58.4% of all the organic traffic.

SEO is the basis of inbound marketing success. But the question is, what counts as genuinely optimized? To help you identify whether your website is adequately optimized, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to checking your Google ranking:

Ways to Check Your Google Ranking

Here we’ve created a list of tools you can use to check your Google ranking: 

Google Search Console 

When it comes to staying updated with your Google ranking, the Google search console is the best tool. This innovative tool by Google tracks your website’s current presence, keyword ranking, and content performance. 

Google Search Console provides valuable insights, such as which keywords drive clicks, what content performs, and your click-through rate. Here’s how you can check your rankings on GSC: 

  • Locate the ‘Performance’ tab and click on ‘Search Results’
  • Select ‘Queries’ to identify the search terms you’re ranking for
  • Click on the average position in the chart to view 

Google Search Console is free and enables you to view the following information:

  • Average position 
  • Clicks
  • Impressions 

Moreover, you can compare a page’s current performance to that from a week or month ago. You’ll even receive actionable tips to boost your search result rankings. 


Another popularly used SEO tool, SEMRush, helps marketers develop valuable SEO strategies. This paid tool helps you research target keywords, check your Google position, analyze backlinks, and monitor algorithm updates.

SEMRush goes beyond SEO services and offers toolkits for social media marketing and paid advertisement. Here’s how you can leverage this tool to check your Google ranking:

  • Visit SEMRush’s website 
  • Click on the ‘SEO Toolkit’ option 
  • Select ‘Position Tracking’

With the ‘Organic Research’ tool, you can identify keywords your website ranks for, keyword difficulty, and search volumes. Moreover, you’ll receive valuable information about:

  • Top competitors
  • Visibility in search results 
  • Estimated traffic 
  • Landing pages
  • Top keywords
  • Rankings for featured snippets

Remember, this tool is free for one project, after which it costs between $99.95 and $399.95.


Ahrefs is a robust SEO tool designed to provide fast and accurate search rankings. The rank checker is a small aspect of its incredible SEO performance. 

While Ahrefs isn’t a free tool, you’ll find that it’s worth the cost. That’s because the platform shows you keyword rankings for desktop and mobile searches, displays local rankings, and helps discover new keywords.

Check your current Google ranking with Ahrefs:

  • Click on the ‘Rank Tracker’
  • Select ‘Add Keywords’ and input your desired terms
  • Discover keywords you ran for, position, keyword difficulty, and search volumes

A bonus point of using Ahrefs is that it shows your rank for Google’s extra features like top stories, featured snippets, people also ask, and more. Its packages vary between $99 and $999 per month and include a seven-day trial.


Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is an SEO powerhouse tool that helps marketers determine keyword ranking, offers information on technical SEO, and provides competitive analysis. 

Its innovative Keyword Analyzer tool offers you a detailed keyword ranking report, including:

  • Search volume 
  • Average position 
  • Established visits
  • Keyword difficult 
  • Top keywords

You may even use the keyword planner tool to develop keyword lists, explore keyword ideas, and create unique content ideas. Moreover, Ubersuggest limits users to five free searches and costs $29+ for unlimited keyword searches.


AccuRanker is another state-of-the-art and free tool that offers you a preview of SERPs on Google. It even allows you to tailor search results to your location and country. 

Discover your search rankings on AccuRanker by following these steps:

  • Visit AccuRanker’s SERP Checker 
  • Enter your target keywords and select your country and location 
  • Pick your devices (mobile or desktop)
  • Click on ‘Search Now’

Remember that AccuRanker’s free version limits you to five searches per day. If you want to check more keywords, consider investing in its paid option.

Site Checker

Site Checker’s Google position checker enables marketers to pinpoint keywords their website ranks in SERPs. Not just this, but you can also determine:

  • Competitive level
  • Cost per click 
  • Keyword volume 
  • Country code 

Moreover, Site Checker refreshes its data every month to ensure your SEO strategy is always up-to-date. With this revolutionary tool, you can learn which keywords drive the most traffic to your competitors and your website.

Step-by-Step Guide to Ranking High on Google

Explore easy ways to rank high on Google in 2022 by following this guide:

Improve On-Site SEO

Enhance your on-site SEO to optimize your website and rank high:

  • Include key terms towards the beginning of your title tag
  • Create attention-grabbing and valuable content 
  • Integrate relevant keywords throughout your content 
  • Add LSI keywords 

Monitor Technical SEO

Technical SEO problems can harm your website’s SEO, so you must assess them. Double-check your website’s technical SEO and mobile optimization. 

You may try mobile-friendly testing tools to pinpoint potential issues. 

Align Your Content with Search Intent 

It’s no surprise: Google follows how people interact with your website. Your rankings will improve if users get their required information from your page. If not, you’re bound to fall a few spots down on Google’s search results. 

Focusing on search intent and creating your content around it is an excellent way of ensuring users find the exact answers to their questions. 

The Bottom Line

On the whole, SERP rankings help boost your business’s ability to drive traffic and capture leads. It even increases your brand’s discoverability and authenticity.

Create the perfect SEO strategy to increase your search engine ranking with the help of our experts at Firestarter SEO. Our diligent industry leaders identify the best keywords and analyze in-depth competitor research to develop the ideal marketing strategy. 

Get started today to drive organic traffic, establish brand authority, and fuel personal brand growth.









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