20 Benefits of SEO and SEO Content


Having a robust digital presence is essential in today’s day and age. It is no longer enough to have an attractive storefront.

4 out of 5 consumers utilize search engines when they want to find local information. (Think with Google)

You might have been trying to attract more attention to your website without much luck or wondering why your competition down the street sees twice the amount of business you do.

The likely answer is content SEO.

The benefits of SEO content are numerous and can take you from a little business no one notices to one of the number one ranking businesses locally and beyond.


What is SEO?

First, before you can completely grasp the benefits of SEO, it is best if you understand the general idea about what it is.

“SEO” is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization.” It is a series of processes and guidelines that you can use to optimize your website. The most direct effect you see when using SEO best practices is maximizing your web page’s readability for a search engine such as Google.


SEO content is not about optimizing a specific landing page but creating content that plays by the rules so you can attract traffic from the search engine.

There are many aspects and best practices for SEO, and they change all the time. SEO best practices in 2021 will be the most relevant and up-to-date, meaning you won’t waste time using methods that haven’t been a ranking factor for five or more years.

We are well aware that optimizing your website and all your content takes time. You are likely wondering if it is worth it.

The concrete answer is YES. Playing by SEO’s rules can make or break your impact on the digital world.

Listed below are the top benefits of SEO and SEO content and help you understand why you should use it.

20 Benefits of SEO Content

1. SEO leads to higher-ranking web pages.

SEO Content

The overall goal for web pages that utilize SEO is to push you further up the results chain until your content features first on the page.

Web pages that rank in the top five organic search results receive 67% of all the clicks. (SEMScoop, 2018)

Ranking ahead of your competition on organic search pages literally puts you ahead of the game. Think of running a race, and the further ahead you are of your competition, the more likely you are to win. The further above other direct competitors means you have an exponentially higher chance of receiving those all-valuable clicks.

2. SEO benefits by siphoning web traffic using organic search.

Organic search gets a boost when you use SEO when outfitting your web traffic. Organic search refers to any unpaid search results. In other words, those first results in the “sponsored box” at the top of the page are not organic. All the rest that show up below this box are “natural” search results that don’t show up because of pay-per-click advertising.

SEO benefits

Many searchers do not trust sponsored pages to give them what they need since businesses paid to put them at the top. They do seem to trust the information that Google gives them, though.

Survey respondents in a 2020 Google Search Survey said that in general, they trust the information they find on Google, including the results that show up in the Featured Snippets and the Knowledge Panel. (Moz, 2020)

Showing up as an organic search result on the first page doesn’t only matter because of the ranking. The trust that users have in their search engine to prioritize the most recent and useful information is also a significant factor. You need to use SEO to show a search engine that you are valuable.

Another beneficial aspect to note is the prevalence of Google as a search engine above all the rest. According to Statista, Google’s search engine dominates the market share of search engines, maintaining 86.86% of all the market as of July 2020.

Different search engines, such as Yahoo, Ecosia, or Bing, have varying ranking factors and more or less complex algorithms to sort through the billions of possible results.

Which engine you want to appeal to the most will change the way you structure your SEO content. The recommendation is to prioritize Google if your goal is to get the most clicks and traffic directed to your site.

3. SEO content allows you to educate your customer base.

There are opportunities on every page of a website to use SEO best practices. However, the part of your website that generally houses SEO content is a blog or journal.

SEO content

A blog should ideally be chock-full of useful information. The content might be about:

  • Your company
  • Descriptions of your services
  • Examples or case studies of past jobs/clients
  • Success stories
  • What you have learned on your business journey

It helps instruct a potential client about what high-quality service looks like and how to ask better questions to get what they want.

For example, we don’t only post about our SEO content services at Firestarter. The bulk of our material focuses on teaching researchers about SEO and how they should begin using it to their advantage.

As your content begins to rank higher for a wider variety of keywords, then you should be filling the internet with valuable information in your area of expertise.

4. High-quality SEO content encourages customers to stay.

The history of SEO ranking factors is not always a pretty one. To rank using SEO meant keyword stuffing and nonsensical phrases that people used when typing queries into a search bar.

Nowadays, search engines have been getting smarter. Developers and coders are making them better at picking out “high value” content. Anymore, keyword stuffing puts you closer to the bottom of page 10 then it will boost your results.

This development helps those using current SEO best practices to produce better quality content. High-quality, SEO-driven content encourages your target audience to stay interested in the page for longer.

Not only does it influence your target to remain on the page, which also boosts your ranking, but it can improve the entire website’s CTR. A single webpage that gives them valuable information by directly addressing their query makes the rest of the website more appealing.

High-quality SEO

Directly related to your CTR is the bounce rate of your site. Bounce rate is measured by dividing the amount of one-page visits by the entire number of entries into the website as a whole.

As a general rule, aim for a website bounce rate under 40%, with under 55% being okay.

One of the significant benefits of SEO is it should directly help make your website more engaging. Content SEO does this by using target keywords that make your content findable for your objective audience. The more applicable the content is, the likelier are they will stay on the site and visit other parts of the site.

5. Content SEO is one of the most affordable marketing solutions.

Discovery used to be all about marketing. To get new customers through your business’s doors, you needed to put up signs, run TV ads, or highlight yourself in sections of the local newspaper.

Anymore, SEO campaigns are one of the most affordable ways to market since search traffic drives about 65% of online purchases or e-commerce.

Overall, 33% of e-commerce driven by search engine traffic was generated by organic search, and 32% was generated via paid search. (Statista, 2020)

This statistic came from a study done on global e-commerce sessions before October 2019. Since then, the drive for organic search has only increased across many sectors, including travel and multi-channel sellers.

affordable marketing solutions

The advantages of SEO are its function as an inbound marketing strategy that you don’t have to pay for like most marketing strategies. You might need to invest in its development if you don’t feel comfortable creating a content and SEO strategy yourself. It is ultimately up to you how much you want to invest in it, but it is often the most affordable marketing strategy you can use.

You can also consider combining it with your PPC ads. Doing so improves your digital marketing ROI and decreases your total advertising costs to reap the same exposure.

6. Benefits of SEO and link-building include promoting collaborators.

promoting collaborators

No man is an island, and no business should be either. Backlinking to other websites and getting backlinks in theirs is an excellent way to gain relevancy. In a world where everything is digital, increasing your online PR makes sense.

SEO best practices promote the idea of sourcing your claims to make them more credible or by linking to another page to explain this further. That is also why it is typically not ideal to backlink your direct competition since it effectively says to Google that you promote them.

Backlinks are hyperlinks that are linked on one webpage but direct you to a different site. A “high-value” or “high-quality” backlink is generated when your website gets a backlink from an authority website with a high SEO trust score. That means another website Google has already deemed to be valuable gives you increased value by association.

If you have collaborators, officially or not, you can create a backlinking system with them to help promote each other. Ideally, you will both be highly credible sources that Google already trusts.

7. SEO leads to better content and customer experience, therefore building brand trust.

SEO is ultimately about giving researchers, from students and professors to midnight information-seekers, more reliable and applicable results. As the algorithms continue to improve, search engines become increasingly better at providing those results using SEO factors.

SEO leads to better content

There was a time when SEO requirements meant awkward phrasing and meaningless amounts of repetition throughout an article. Instead of being a quality piece of material, each article would feel clunky, and few people would want to read it after they stumbled through an introduction.

Nowadays, though, search engine algorithms are becoming much more advanced. Kevin Mathers, a Google UK sales director, puts the changes like this:

“Think of Search progress like progress in Formula One racing. The tracks have basically remained unchanged for decades, the cars look pretty much the same, but everything under those hoods has improved an insane amount.”

As we have said before, people put trust in Google. If you rank high using SEO, it is more likely that your content will end up appearing on all of the search results it should.

You aren’t just gaining a larger audience, but each person who Googles something and finds what they want on your webpage starts as a happier customer.

8. SEO inevitably leads to higher conversion rates.

We touched on this in the previous point, but SEO will invariably lead to higher conversion rates, narrowing your sales funnel, so it is more effective.

SEO inevitably

When people stumble across your website while they scroll through Facebook, they might consider converting but will likely forget about it. If they purposefully use a search engine to help find exactly what they need and click on your top-ranking link, it is much more likely they will convert on their first visit. This process is also called “conversion SEO.”

Think about this comparison:

SEO-generated leads have a 14.6% conversion rate on average.


Online advertising through social media platforms like Facebook has a 9.21% average long-term conversion rate.

9. Local SEO rankings encourage regional searchers to visit the physical store.

Local SEO rankings

There are varying kinds of SEO based on precisely what you want to rank for and the results you hope to achieve by attracting more people to your site. Local SEO is a marketing strategy that enables your business to become more visible for those that are searching for results close to home.

Local SEO is primarily beneficial for businesses that tend to serve a specific geographic area or have a physical location in the region.

When searchers want to find something closeby, they often enter some keyword plus a geographic reference. The search engine then takes this and turns it into a geographic-specific search method. Pages that rank the highest will be those that rank for both the keyword and the geographic location.

When it comes to attracting new customers to a physical location, local SEO can be an essential marketing tactic.

In their second annual Major Purchase Shopper Study, a survey conducted by GE Capital Retail Bank found that 81% of shoppers check out a place online before going to the physical store.

If you are trying to get new customers into your store, it is essential to appear one of the top “recommended” results Google gives them. That is where local SEO comes in for you. If you want to learn more about the steps to rank locally, we have another article that provides you with a local SEO checklist to better your ranking.

10. Content for SEO supports brand awareness.

Building brand trust and credibility isn’t the only positive aspect for your brand or business regarding content SEO. The prime SEO benefit happens within the “pages” of your online blog or journal.

brand awareness

Excellent copywriting on landing pages for your website isn’t the only priority. The content that you produce on any part of your website will aid and enhance your SEO “game.” An online journal helps to build brand awareness.

SEO and content creation should always go hand-in-hand. SEO allows you to educate your customer base, which we spoke more about in our third point. The other side of SEO-driven content is using keywords and link building to bring about more brand awareness.

The more content you have relating to your brand, the more your website shows up in organic searches and becomes integrated across other web sources. The more these two things happen, the more aware the general public becomes of your brand.

11. Using SEO best practices ensures a mobile-optimized website.

Many new website-owners are not cognizant that merely creating a website doesn’t mean that it will function well across various devices. Instead, you have to pay attention to the site design, page structure, and overall speed to get an idea of how well the site will perform on a mobile device versus a desktop.

You should never overlook mobile optimization. Although it might take time to construct, it is worth it.

A report from Hitwise demonstrated the necessity for mobile-optimized websites.

Almost 60% of all searches online are done using a mobile device. Some industries, such as the food and beverage sector, reach 72% of all searches. (Hitwise, 2020)

There are plenty of SEO best practices that you can use to optimize your website content for mobile access. The simplest way to start is to be aware of Google’s mobile SEO rules.

Use these to come up with a list of where your site falls short, paying attention to the priority search engines put on each factor. Some of them can help boost rankings tenfold, while others will act as a drop in the bucket.

12. Benefits of SEO include boosting long-term marketing strategies.

marketing strategies

SEO isn’t a one-and-done strategy. It is a long-term commitment to continue to rank higher or hold your current position. Although it can seem like a lot of dedication to keep it up, it ends up benefiting you more in the long-run than any time it will take to maintain.

You won’t only see immediate benefits in your ranking and organic results. Your business will continue to see the benefits of SEO years after the initial investment into it. However, it will add exponential benefits to your marketing strategy if you continue to invest each year.

It takes a while for your website to work its way up in organic rankings, but it also takes a long time to be pulled back down.

The best part is the affordability to maintain SEO. It maximizes your ROI and can be one of the few free marketing strategies or will involve only minimal financial input depending on who you want to manage it.

13. SEO benefits by providing quantifiable analytics and data.

As the saying goes, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” One of the best benefits of SEO is the usable data that it produces. It gives you workable numbers and quantifiable analytics that enable you to understand how you can improve and what factors affect your current ranking.

analytics and data

If you are new to the content SEO scene, you might wonder where you can see these data points. The most convenient answer is Google Analytics. However, nowadays, most website domain hosts will also create analytics you can use about each page’s projected and present performance and piece of content.

Using an SEO analysis tool allows you to set measurable goals and develop structured strategies to achieve them. Instead of guessing why you don’t see the traffic or sales you want, SEO analysis gives you concrete answers and methods to solve those problems.

14. Ties together all of your online marketing activities.

Ties together

Many people don’t see SEO as a marketing strategy. You might feel like you should have to pay for marketing, such as ads or social media influencers, instead of getting it for free or almost nothing.

Content for SEO isn’t an individual marketing strategy that stands out from the rest of the pack. Instead, it ties in with the rest of your online marketing strategies.

When SEO is integrated into your website copywriting, blog content, social media marketing, and online advertising, all of your marketing activities work together. They create an efficient bond that pushes you up higher in ranking and increases your brand awareness across all your platforms.

15. Often leads to an increase in email subscribers and social media followers.

email subscribers and social media

Speaking of platform-wide integration, another one of the benefits of SEO is often an increase in social media followers.

The more people that find your site from a relatable search, the more people will be interested enough in your services or products to keep up-to-date. Each person that clicks onto your website and finds that it suits their query has a higher chance of following you on social media or subscribing to your email newsletter.

Even if these people do not become converted customers right away, they have entered your sales funnel. Now you have an opportunity with each post or email newsletter to convert them instead of reaching out through SEO and web searches to find them again.

In other words, it is all about increasing brand awareness.

16. SEO functions as constant promotion for your company.

SEO functions

SEO doesn’t rely on click-bait or Facebook putting your ads out there. Instead, it is a constant promotion for your company every time one of your keywords ranks across the entire website.

It is challenging to get the full scope of the impact this promotion can have on your business. Not only do most people search for information, products, and services online, but the majority of people around the world do so.

It is estimated that Google processes 70,000 search queries each second and 5.8 billion searches every day. That adds up to about 2 TRILLION searches globally each year. (Hubspot, 2020)

17. PPC and SEO work well together.


Investing in your digital marketing strategy is almost always a good course of action for those businesses that need the internet to drive sales and brand awareness. One of the most common ways to do this is to invest in PPC advertising.

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, campaigns paying the search engine so that it will highlight your results at the top of relevant pages. Even though you have to spend to integrate this strategy and SEO is a non-paid solution, they work even better when you combine them.

The reason? You reinforce your online presence when your website appears in the paid search results and the organic options below. It helps build your credibility, even if you essentially put yourself there the first time.

It is also a logical follow-up that the more times you appear in front of a lead, the more likely they are to click on your page.

18. Content SEO can reach every member of your target audience.

Even after analyzing market trends and your current customer base, it can be challenging to know who exactly will be interested in your products or services. Instead of guessing and creating audience-specific social media ads, utilize content SEO to reach anyone that could be interested.

your target audience

How does this work?

Anyone from any demographic, including age, gender, ethnicity, and more that types a related keyword to your website into the search engine has a chance of finding you. The higher you rank, the more likely you will get that click.

No matter who it is that needs a particular service, you can reach them all instead of guessing or relying on a “bulk demographic.”

19. Benefits of SEO include breaking into new markets.

Benefits of SEO

Not only does SEO benefit you by expanding your potential audience base, but it also helps you expand into new markets. Individual searchers aren’t the only ones using search engines. You can reach entirely new markets when your content shows up as a top-ranking organic result.

Another plus? You can also attract new talent to your business using content SEO. People use similar keywords when finding suitable jobs or businesses to those they use when looking for a service.

20. SEO benefits by targeting each point of your sales funnel.

Finally, SEO benefits you by targeting a broad audience, a new market, and every single point of your sales funnel.

Before making a significant purchase, 81% of people conduct some kind of online research.
Even if they are already acquainted with your company, services, or products, a little extra effort goes into a purchase at every stage of the sales funnel.

From building your brand awareness with new leads to providing them with enough information to close the deal, ranking using content SEO gets it done.

Using SEO Content to Market Well

After looking at all of the incredible ways SEO content manages to help your business, it should be hard not to start coming up with a strategy right away! Even in the face of all these benefits, it may seem challenging to figure out the best strategy for your business.

SEO content and optimization are changing the way we do business. The results are long-lasting and impactful. If you find yourself at a loss, consider using the SEO content services of an SEO expert to reap all the benefits this unique marketing strategy has to offer.

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