Why Good SEO Leads to 42 Phone Calls in One Month

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“I used to have an SEO company halfway across the country. They never answered their phone and gave me the cookie-cutter campaign approach. Since going with Firestarter, the phone won’t stop ringing and they have gotten me leads that have paid for their services for years to come!”

The Challenge

After significant time and money invested in SEO, results were nearly non-existent for Lampert & Walsh, a personal injury law firm in Denver, CO.  The phone simply was not ringing, and they couldn’t figure out why.  Lampert & Walsh approached Firestarter SEO to investigate why the website was performing so poorly, and what could be causing such a lackluster performance.

The Solution

Firestarter SEO found that among other things, the culprits for the past results was poor hosting, and a number of 404 errors on main pages of the site.  The poor hosting was resulting in incredibly slow load times.  This can have a major impact on user experience, likely preventing potential customers from wanting to contact the firm due to the slow site.  Firestarter switched the hosting to a more modern system and immediately improved the site speed.

After doing a Technical SEO cleanup, beginning with resolving the multiple 404 errors on the site, rankings rebounded within weeks.  Ongoing optimization took place, refocusing the client’s target keywords.  There has been an upward trajectory ever since, with the phone ringing from the start.

The Results

42 Phone Calls in 1 Month.  There have been a total of 390 organic phone calls in 18 months, averaging 21.67 calls per month.


60% Increase in Monthly Visits since the beginning of the campaign. This means the client began with 471 visitors per month, and is now at 754 visitors per month.


0 Technical SEO Errors on the site.  The clean site sends strong signals to Google that the user experience will be positive and the trust in the site should be high.

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