The Challenge

LoTech Sales is a national distributor of custom kitchenware to commercial chains and households alike. They have had a website for years but never used it as a marketing tool to grow their business. In the current landscape with more people online than ever before they realized it was time.

At the beginning of the campaign, LoTech didn’t have any keywords on the first page for national, high search volume terms such as “printed kitchenware” or “custom scoop.” They only had a few links pointing back to them, so it was clear they needed to start link building.

The Solution

Since their website already had some trust with Google, Firestarter had to identify the best keywords to optimize their site for and start link building around those keywords. After optimizing their site for the proper keywords they saw a small initial bump in rankings, but it wasn’t until links started that they saw the biggest jump. 

Their organic sessions have doubled in their first 5 months and they continue seeing a large increase in Google rankings every month. Prior to SEO, they never received new leads from their website. Now they are seeing consistent leads even during a pandemic when their industry has been one of the hardest hit.

The Results

57 Leads in the first year.

100% Organic traffic increase.

+1306 Rankings increase over the first 6 months, with the biggest increase in month 4.