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On-site SEO is an important aspect for all websites. We break it down into several different processes here at Firestarter SEO.

First and most importantly, tag optimization. HTML tags have certain meanings and uses. Each tag needs to be used properly in order to fully optimize your website. Some HTML tags have more prominence and weight on your site rankings than others. Second, content creation and crawl diagnostics are two other steps that are significant to producing maximum results. Overall, we make sure the on-site optimization is done correctly and has the appropriate keyword usage sprinkled throughout the content. All of this provides your users with a friendly experience and search engines the ability to index your site properly. When on-site SEO is done correctly and combined with powerful off-site SEO, the results can be stunning.

SEO Site Audit

A very important feature in our SEO services, is performing a site audit. We scrub the content of your current website, searching for opportunities to create usable keyword targeted content. We pay particular attention to prominent tags and landing pages that provide significant opportunities to optimize content.

Furthermore, errors or warnings can cause trouble for a search engine and it can decrease the value a search engine gives your site. We pay particular attention to your site functionality to be sure it is working properly. We want to be sure your users and search engines are never led to dead ends.

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