Is Your SEO Strategy Failing to Deliver Results?

You work hard to create a great website for your business. But if your site isn’t getting the attention it deserves, it’s easy to become frustrated.

Have you tried SEO before without success? Or maybe you’ve tried SEO before and you saw initial results, but then those results plateaued?

Link Building Will Break You Out Of Your Rut And Get Your Rankings On The Rise.

Many SEO strategies place the major emphasis on content creation, and rightfully so. However, if your strategy centers on content creation alone you are not leveraging your website and content. “If you build it they will come” does not apply to content. Content needs to have a distribution network to be effective.

Google determines the quality of your content by the quality, quantity, and relevance of the links pointing to it.

So what is the best way to generate great links to your content? Firestarter will help you build high-quality links in several ways:

Competitor Link Building

When link building for you, the first area we focus on is evaluating your competition. What keywords do you want your company to rank for, and which of your competitors are currently outranking you? We need to understand the links they have and what it will take to get more and/or better than the companies ranking on the first page.

Upon reviewing your competitors’ links, we glean links we can acquire or earn the equivalent of. Based on their links we begin to compile a list of links we can get as well.

Guest Post Outreach

Guest post link building can be an effective method to increase your brand visibility while improving your search rankings. Based on specific topics and keywords, we generate lists of websites which are relevant to your business. Below are the steps we follow when seeking guest post opportunities.

  • Create Guest Post List – We create a list of relevant websites to your product or service.
  • Vet the list – We review the list for quality opportunities.
  • Find contact info – Using various tools, we find contact info for the website owners.
  • Create Outreach Emails – We reach out to webmasters asking how we can get on their website, generating conversations.
  • Engage and Follow Up – Based on the feedback from the webmaster, we will pitch content or discuss our next steps in getting you published on their websites.
  • Produce content – We produce content for the various websites who have agreed to accept our content.
  • Approve and place content – Once we have the content the way the webmasters want it they will place it in their queue for publishing.
  • Publish – When the content goes live you have received a guest post link.

Foundational Links

At Firestarter we describe foundational links as the basic link profiles you should have or websites you should be on. These include websites such as:

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Foundational links also include industry-specific websites or location specific websites you should be on, like a chamber of commerce. Again, we gather lists of these types of websites, vet them and submit your website to them for better rankings.

Business Listings and Citations

The next area of focus is making sure you have your business and website listed on the appropriate local websites to improve your local visibility and local rankings. For a local business owner it is essential you have the proper name, address and phone number listed with your business profiles. We have a set list of websites you should be listed on, and we check these sites for your business listings and listing accuracy. If your site is already on there, great! If not, we’ll submit your site, and if the information is inaccurate we’ll clean it up.

High-Quality Links

In general, competitor link building and guest post outreach yield the highest quality links. However, each of our strategic tactics is beneficial to your overall results.

Link Building Which Produces Results

We follow this general outline of link building services because it produces results. Continuously building quality links will turn your website into an SEO ranking machine and help you turn stale results into a booming business.

As an SEO company, we never build links on potentially harmful sites. We DO NOT build links on adult sites, gambling sites, illegal sites or any other potential harmful sites. We are as ethical and honest as possible in our link building efforts.

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