How PPC can Help with SEO


SEO and PPC are two things we often hear in the same sentence. They do work within a lot of the same spheres and the results come about on a Search Engine Results page, or SERP. PPC can be a great way to jumpstart leads or supplement the first page rankings you already have. It is this dynamic application that keeps our clients coming back for more.


Jumpstarting a Marketing Campaign

PPC is a great way to kick off your marketing campaign with forecastable, measurable results expected. This kind of clarity gives you a much better idea of what kind of results you can get from the campaign before it even starts. In doing the initial research, we will include keywords used in your SEO campaign if you are engaged in both services with us. This creates a cohesive strategy that will cooperate well with each other when things are doing well. Before your SEO keywords move on to the first page, you can gather potential clicks by running paid keyword advertisements. This places you at the top of the SERP without the tedium and time involved with curating and implementing a successful SEO strategy. Many times we have new website owners come to us and look for quick results. While SEO is a process that takes time, PPC is more like a garden hose. You can turn it on and turn it off as you please. This keeps budgets limited and provides traffic from search results before a large amount of trust has been built up for that domain.

Supplementing a Marketing Campaign

The most successful way we see PPC run is to supplement to a successful SEO campaign. Depending on competition and cost, you have the potential to come up on an SERP 3, 4, or even 5 times! If you cover 20-25% of the results on Google, the chance of users clicking your result is much higher than otherwise. The more your name pops up related to a search, the more trust you will establish with your potential users interacting with Google and other search engines. While there is no way to specifically confirm this, and Google says it is not considered at all, we have seen peculiar bumps in rankings upon turning on a PPC campaign. Once you are sending money to Google, it is easy to consider the potential of them putting you in better faith with their algorithms.

More Traffic Sources

The more dynamic your incoming traffic is, the more potential you have to convert. We love to see a healthy mix of incoming traffic sources, such as organic, direct, social media, paid advertisements and more. The more avenues you have generating traffic, the more potential traffic your website can attain. If you are solely limited to SEO results, a filter or algorithm update could quickly cripple your incoming leads unless you are partnered with the right SEO provider who does things right from the start. This kind of limitation places much more pressure on the trickles of traffic you may be getting. The more robust your incoming traffic sources are, the better your site will perform overall.

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