Content and Link Building: A Heavenly Combination


Content and link building are a match made in SEO heaven. We have established the value of content and link building as they relate to your results, but how can you utilize your content to improve your link building strategies? Most of the success falls to the types of content you produce, how you choose to spread that content, and then how you disseminate that content through your own channels such as social media and blog platforms.

content and link building

The Best Types Content for Backlinks

You can utilize all types of content to build links, but some strategies work better than others. “Linkable” content can be distributed quickly and has the potential to generate links naturally if the piece is of high enough quality. Here are a few examples of highly linkable content:

  • Practical Examples – Case studies are good for two reasons. They are a practical way of explaining something that can be perceived as confusing. They also demonstrate with examples and results.
  • Infographics – Infographics can prove to be very beneficial due to how visually appealing they are. Infographics can make boring and heavy topics seem interesting. 
  • Comprehensive Guides – Comprehensive guides are packed with information and insight that could be essential to your current and future customers. 

Not only do these types of content give you a better opportunity for backlinks, but they can also be shared on social media to increase your following and help build brand awareness. If you are producing useful, informative, and credible content you have the ability to obtain backlinks without having to reach out to other site owners. 

Outreach For Link Building

Since we have discussed the best kind of linkable content you already have most of the ammunition you need to be successful in your link building. What should you do next? There are a couple of strategies:

  • Use A Link Explorer –  There are a lot of useful tools out there when trying to find out what your competitors are doing in their link building strategies. We use MOZ pro to find out what the competition is linking to. Doing this we can close the gap quickly and put better content in front of site owners. 
  • Use Google – You can go to the search bar and type in what keyword is most closely related to what your content is providing or subject related to your business you would like to write about, followed by, “accepting guest posts”, or “write for us”, or something similar.
  • Use Your Network – Gaining support from influencers in your industry could be a game-changer. Everyone, no matter how big or small, is looking for the best content. You can do this one of two ways. First, you can guest blog and create a following of your own. Another route would be to show off your beautiful content to your network you have already gathered via email marketing or social media.

Content Is King But Link Building Is Queen

Content is king but links are the queen and she’s the one that gets all the real stuff done. Together, they truly are a match made in heaven. When you are able to look at SEO through the eyes of the actual algorithm, links get it done. They cannot get it done all alone and you need content that is unique and relevant. Whatever industry you’re in it is important to hold both content and link building at the top of your priority list. If you would like to discuss improving your content and link building efforts, contact FirestarterSEO today.

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