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How Google Ads Generated New Leads By by 25%

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Purity Skin Studio

Purity Skin Studio is a local business in the South Denver Metro Area that offers various types of skin aesthetic skin treatments. They brand themselves as the premier Denver area med spa for anyone looking to feel better about the way they look. 

When looking for a med spa that offers a broad spectrum of treatments, it can be difficult for potential customers to find someone that offers what Purity Skin Studio Does. Because PSS has a doctor and registered Nurse on staff, they’re able to provide not just typical skin treatments like chemical peels, but can also provide various types of injectables such as Botox.


Med Spa
– Skin Treatments


Small Business
– <50 Employees


Highlands Ranch, CO


– Chemical Peels
– Facials
– Anti Aging Treatments
– Botox
– Aesthetic Injectables


20+ years of collective experience
5.0 stars on Google


The med spa/skin studio sphere is a highly competitive industry in the Denver area. In fact, there are over 30 such businesses in the metro area. Purity Skin Studio has a great brand name that has allowed them to find genuine success but almost all of their leads were via referrals. Prior to their approaching us, PSS struggled to generate leads through their website. Their website needed help climbing the rankings organically but the business was also in need of cash flow. As a result, our strategy focused on providing traffic to their site via paid ads while allowing our Med Spa SEO to slowly build itself up to attain significant organic traffic in the future. 

They realized the importance of their website to their goals for future growth in a very competitive market.  So, they needed to create a strategy for achieving their goals.

Our research revealed the size of the challenge, including:

  • Very little organic traffic.
  • They ranked well for their brand but not other organic keywords.
  • The was no visibility for their marquee keywords such as “Skin Studio Highlands Ranch” & “Med Spa Highlands Ranch.”
  • They were not receiving the leads they needed to scale their growth.

Another issue that was unique to PSS and their Google Ads campaign was the fact that in order to run ads for keywords such as “botox injectables” or “aesthetic injectables,” you must first provide documentation of medical accreditation. This was new to us at Firestarter. However, we were able to quickly provide the documentation from the client to Google and within one week, we were authorized to begin running these ads. This was a big boost to their campaign in that not all skin studios or med spas are able to run these types of ads.

Med Spa


Dealing with a relatively small website, Firestarter SEO started identifying keywords and building out a Google Ads campaign.


A major part of the project revolved around performing strategic keyword research. We needed to find keywords that were relevant, had clear intent from the searcher, and effectively represented the services that PSS offers.


Ad Creation

We then began creating responsive ads for the client so that when a searcher typed in a specific type of service that PSS offers, their ads would engage the searcher enough to visit their website.


Conversion Rate Optimization

As with any Google Ads campaign, the first 4-6 weeks are slow to produce leads. However, during this time we were able to monitor the traffic on the website being created by the ads, which keywords were proving most effective at driving traffic, and as a result we were able to optimize the campaign so that we captured the exact type of visitor PSS was looking for.

Eyebrow threads


Our strategy generated results that significantly boosted the amount of traffic on the PSS website, creating high quality leads

5,200+ Impressions

Purity Skin Studio has massively boosted their online visibility with over 5,000 impressions. This was attained not only by carefully targeting specific keywords, but by optimizing their keyword lists.


323 Clicks

Purity Skin Studio has engaged over 300 new visitors by creating engaging ads that entice users to visit their site.


30+ Conversions

In the last quarter of 2022, Purity Skin Studio has gained 32 conversions from visitors interested in using their services, significantly boosting their number of leads.


9.1% Conversion Rate

By optimizing their ads after their initial introduction, Firestarter has increased their conversion rate of site visitors to over 9%, a strong indication of a PPC campaign firing on all cylinders.

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