Backlinks Strategies for 2022


Every digital marketer knows that link building is key to ranking high in Google’s search engine. But did you know you can acquire more organic traffic by adding more quality backlinks to your page?

Link building is an underused yet excellent way to increase your SEO, boost your visibility, and enhance revenue. But how do digital marketers build authority backlinks?

Here we’ve created a comprehensive list of actionable tips and link-building strategies sure to increase your organic results traffic:

A Quick Glance at Backlinks

Users create backlinks by linking one website to another one. Search engines use backlinks as ‘votes’ to determine a page’s value.

For this reason, search engines use backlinks as a ranking factor. Many studies reveal a correlation between link-building and higher search engine rankings. In this article, we’ll explore all about backlink building and effective backlinking strategies to improve your website ranking.

Top Characteristics of a Quality Backlink

High-quality backlinks typically boast the following seven characteristics:

· Relevance

· Traffic

· Authority

· Link Profile Quality

· Editorial Standards

· Outbound link quality

· And indexation

Top Eight Strategies to Gain Backlinks

Let’s discuss the top eight ways you can gain backlinks to score higher referral traffic and revenue:

Consider Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a proven and excellent way of creating quality backlinks. But if you want to gain SEO value from guest blogging, you must be strategic and authentic.

Guest blogging can be challenging since you have to write a killer post for a website within your niche. Plus, the request process can be quite long for most websites. Sometimes, you may even have to wait for several days or months.

Publish Skyscraper Content

Using the skyscraper content is another excellent way of building authority backlinks. The technique works because many industry leaders are more than willing to use your links.

Plus, since skyscraper content is comparatively long and covers several topics, you can win backlinks for your main topic alongside bonus ones for relevant blogs.

To succeed at publishing skyscraper content is to promote your blog articles, infographics, and other media as much as possible.

Marketers that don’t promote miss out on the opportunity to rank higher. This way, search engines require more time to notice your content, resulting in fewer visits. Promoting your content in the right way is essential since it ensures you get backlinks quickly and successfully.

Comment on Relevant Blog Posts

Creating value is essential to stand out in the marketing sphere.

Besides guest blogging, consider writing thoughtful and compelling comments that add value to the original post.

Focus on writing a 100 to 150-words reply to express your perspective without making it too long or tedious. Moreover, consider adding a relevant article from your website that expands on your answer.

Try Directory Submissions

Creating directories is an integral part of link-building strategies. But remember to add only relevant and targeted online directory submissions.

Today’s consumers search engines to find nearby businesses or a particular product or service. For this reason, you must enlist your business in highly-recognized and authority directories.

This way, you can not only gain backlinks, but you can also improve search visibility, customer reach, and rankings. Let’s discuss several ways you register your business in online directories:

· Choosing directories relevant to your industry, sub-niche, and target audience

· Picking high domain authority directories

· Using all features of directory submission to create a detailed listing

· Staying consistent with your business details across different directories

Repurpose Your Most Successful Content

Do you have a specific article that receives several hundred visits and likes per day? That means the information within that blog is valuable and exciting.

Keeping the main idea of your blog article in mind, consider reproducing it in different forms to attract a diverse demographic. For instance, you may repurpose your most popular blog as an infographic or YouTube video.

Plus, third-party websites may extract information or an infographic from your blog article while adding your source. This way, readers will refer back to your website and check out your other work.

Lost Link Reclaiming

If your blog or other media content leads to a page that displays the message ‘This page doesn’t exist anymore’ or ‘Error 404,’ it means your content contains broken backlinks.

When website owners redesign their website, they alter the page’s URL structure, rewrite content, and even remove non-performing areas. These actions can impact the functionality of a page containing backlinks, resulting in a loss of connection.

You may request the blog owner to re-establish the broken connection to fix this. Remember to be polite and friendly while stating the problem and request.

Leverage the Phantom Technique

If the link-building strategies discussed above fail, consider using the phantom technique. Here your focus is on strengthening existing backlinks instead of building new ones.

A bonus point of leveraging the phantom technique proves extremely powerful and offers you a competitive edge.

Try Cold Email Outreach

Building white hat links from industry leaders require you to leverage email outreach tactics. For this reason, you must look for potential link-building opportunities and find blogs that may link back to you.

Start by searching your target keywords in Google’s search engine and then copying the URL of the top search results. Next, leverage a link analysis tool to pinpoint domains linking back to those blog articles.

After this, check the page authority and credibility of your selected domains. If everything looks OK, consider sending a cold email to the page editors to request them to add your links to their page.

Before reaching out, remember to check whether your link is relevant and adds value to their content.

The Bottom Line: Establishing Brand Authority by Link Building

According to insightful research, 66.31% of pages have no backlinks. These businesses miss out on fantastic qualified leads, brand building, and sales opportunities.

To be consistent and innovative in your content creation while expanding your consumer base quickly and successfully, try the link-building strategies we discussed above.

With these backlink strategies and development strategies, you can help rank your website higher while standing out from your competition. If you want to learn more benefits of backlinking, then check out this article.


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