What is Voice SEO?

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Sales from voice search will reach $40 billion by 2022. If you haven’t already invested in voice SEO, it’s time to grab the opportunity to increase sales for your company.

As the accuracy of voice recognition technology increases, so does the number of people realizing its benefits:

  • Multitasking easily 
  • Conducting searches quicker 
  • Achieving instant replies
  • Adding convenience to their daily routine 

With such clear benefits, it’s no surprise that more than 4 billion people worldwide use voice assistants. This data reflects that you need to invest in voice SEO for digital marketers. Before developing a voice SEO strategy, learn more about its basics and advantages:

A Quick Glance at Voice SEO

Voice search optimization (Voice SEO) refers to optimizing web pages. Optimizing to appear in voice searches is an excellent way of connecting with people who conduct verbal searches. 

Voice SEO provides you the opportunity to have your content read out by voice search devices, such as Alexa, Google Home, etc.

Voice search is increasing, making it one of the fastest-growing types of search:

  • Research by PwC reveals that 71% of consumers preferred voice searching 
  • 39.4% of U.S. consumers use a voice assistant at least once per month 

Why Do You Need Voice SEO?

Voice search optimization strategies are becoming increasingly essential for your business. Leveraging voice SEO helps you reach a diverse audience, primarily if you operate locally. 

With more than 55% of people using voice search to pinpoint nearby businesses, it’s apparent that your organization needs to invest in voice SEO. Here we discuss the various benefits of investing in voice search engine optimization:

Boost Website Traffic

Voice search engine optimization helps boost website traffic by improving your website discoverability. It also enables you to rank higher in search engines. 

Moreover, voice SEO helps enhance the user experience by efficiently ensuring your web pages provide exact answers to viewers’ queries.

Answer Potential Customer Questions Efficiently 

Traditional web searching forces users to click on a web page, type their queries, and wait for results to load- a time-consuming process. 

Voice search speeds up this process significantly by offering prompt answers. Users can even ask questions without picking up a device and receive immediate results.

Say goodbye to waiting for slow web pages to load, scrolling through thousands of articles, and clicking on a million links. Instead, enjoy quick and accurate answers to all your queries. 

Drive Sales

Voice search optimization drives sales and boosts revenues. An increasing number of customers seek businesses and make purchases using voice search devices. 

Research reveals that voice search accounts for more than $2 billion in sales. Investing in voice SEO helps you connect with qualified leads and boost sales.

Raise Brand Awareness

Optimize your web pages for voice search to ensure you appear on the result page of voice search queries. 

This way, even if users haven’t heard of your business, seeing you answer their questions will create a positive perception. 

Moreover, they’ll likely remember your business every time they seek a solution to a similar problem.

Gain a Competitive Edge

The ideal customer stays with your business forever. Well, that’s possible if you deliver a consistent and valuable user experience while staying one step ahead of your competitors.

If your competitors are leveraging voice assistant while you’re not, they’re likely stealing your business. Take full advantage of this state-of-the-art technology if you want to gain a competitive edge.

Attract More Store Visits

Voice search is best for searching local businesses like nearby pharmacies, restaurants, or grocery stores. 

Users who leverage voice search will find instant answers and make quick purchases. Thus, you can gather more store visits and enjoy more customers by appearing on voice search results. 

Ensure that you add your store’s address, opening and closing hours, recent photos, and more to your Google Business listings to increase store visits.

Different Languages

Voice search engine optimization supports multiple languages. Thus, leading mobile businesses are introducing multilingual voice search apps. 

Google’s assistant understands more than 30 major languages. So, voice search marketing eliminates language barriers and enables users to use whichever language they prefer.

This way, more and more users are adopting voice search technology to solve their problems.

Strategies to Remember to Benefit from Voice SEO

Benefit from voice SEO by optimizing your content and leveraging proven SEO practices:

Long-Tail Keywords

Modern buyers use search engines to ask direct queries and receive relevant answers. If you want to appear in their search results, you must think about user intent. 

Integrate long-tail keywords to boost the chances of your content ranking in voice SERPs.

Question-Based Keywords

When customers use voice assistants to answer their questions, they ask the whole question instead of throwing random keywords. 

They’ll use words like ‘who,’ ‘what,’ ‘why,’ ‘where,’ and ‘how.’ So, your content must include interrogatory statements.

Remember that voice search offers users only one answer. So, to rank better, you’ll have to conduct in-depth research of your target audience and its pain points.

Conversational Content

Unlike text search, voice search is not direct- but relatively informal. The best way to optimize your content for voice search is to consider how people generally speak. 

Develop content to match their tone and eliminate jargon or complicated words. Moreover, add a conversational tone rather than a sterile, corporate one.

The Bottom Line

The easiest way of understanding the impact and benefits of voice search is by trying it out. Play around with voice search SEO to identify your competitor’s ranking. 

You’ll also get the opportunity to learn more about voice search SEO strategies and how they boost your rankings.

If your business does not have a voice search SEO strategy, it’s high time you created one. Develop a killer voice SEO strategy with the help of our industry leaders at Firestarter SEO!

Our highly trained and diligent experts drive organic traffic to establish brand authority and boost sales by leveraging proven and tested SEO practices. Start ranking in voice search results and gain a competitive edge today by reaching out to our professionals.

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