Technical SEO and the Yoast Plugin for Wordpress


If you’re interested in using your website to market your business there are countless options out there for you to choose from. At Firestarter SEO we can’t stress enough how important it is to use the best out there for SEO. When it comes to your technical SEO and the Yoast plugin for WordPress there is no better option out there. We will be going over why you should go this route if you’re serious about using your website to grow your business. 


If you want to go back to 2003 you will find out the origins of WordPress. To paraphrase, WordPress was developed due to a blogging software being discontinued and 2 of the developers branched off to create a better platform. So, you heard it, WordPress was originally designed to be a blogging platform. It has pivoted over the years to what it is today and makes up two-thirds of all the websites on the internet. There are a few reasons for their wide usage, but probably the most important is how “SEO Friendly” they are. If you ask any developer, an SEO company in Denver, or worldwide, WordPress sites are the best for optimization and have the most quality available plugins available to you. These plug-ins not only help with your technical SEO but they also provide you with the Yoast plugin that helps you optimize each page on your website to tell the search engines exactly what you are trying to rank for. WordPress Tech SEO and Yoast


WordPress plugins are a dime a dozen these days. As an SEO professional, you see that not all are created equal and provide the same value to your website. It is imperative that if you are using your website to market your business, the Yoast plugin needs to be at the top of your list. Not only does it check for readability for your users, but it does so much for your content optimization. All you have to do is add the keyphrase you are trying to rank for and Yoast comes back with 14 recommendations to make sure your page grades out well for the keyword you’re trying to rank for. This ensures you are telling the search engines exactly what you need them to hear. One of the best parts of the Yoast plugin is the basic version is free. 

How Yoast and WordPress Work Together

Now that you know about most of the benefits of Yoast and WordPress, how do you use both of them to work in SEO harmony? Once installing the Yoast plugin you will be able to use it on every page and post on your website. Once you have identified the keyword or keyphrase you are trying to rank for, all you need to do is add it and let Yoast work its magic. We have found that they work most effectively in your blog. You can develop your content in a word document and then copy and paste it into the backend of the page or post. Yoast will then grade out the content and give you recommendations in real-time. This is extremely user friendly and makes sure you are getting the most out of your content production. Yoast also gives you the ability to view how your page will look in the search engine results page on desktop and mobile. The benefits are endless for your technical SEO and the Yoast plugin for WordPress. It’s what the pros use, so what are you waiting for? 

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