How Content Creation Generated 51 Phone Calls in 1 Month

Time: 11:14 pm

“I started with zero calls coming in, and now I’m receiving several per week, and we’re getting more people that actually fit our client profile. If someone were on the fence about doing SEO, I’d tell them this is a very cost-effective way to acquire clients.”


The Challenge

Denver Tax Advisor came to us with a goal of increasing their inbound leads.  At the time, their website was a very small site, which limited their ability to target a variety of keywords. They realized the importance of their website to their goals for future growth in a very competitive market.  So, they asked Firestarter SEO to create a strategy for helping them achieve those goals.


The Solution

As a first step, Firestarter SEO built out specific pages for each service Denver Tax Advisor provided.  This greatly expanded the ability to rank Denver Tax Advisor for related keywords.  A major part of the project revolved around performing strategic keyword research. We needed to find keywords that were relevant, had clear intent from the searcher, opportunity for the client to rank, and the right amount of search volume to justify the efforts.

Doing so allowed Firestarter to find exactly what people were searching for, and where the biggest opportunities were to generate results.  We then created pages specific to those keywords and built out the content on those pages.  After implementing this strategy, rankings skyrocketed for big terms like “Tax Advisor Near Me” and “Tax Advisor Denver.”


The Result

+800 Increase in All-Time Rankings.  This includes 1st page keywords like “Tax Advisor Denver” and “Denver Tax Preparation.

57 Organic Phone Calls in 1 Month. Denver Tax Advisor received a total of 298 Phone Calls in 18 months.


27 Leads through Forms in 1 Month. There were 108 form submissions in 18 Months.


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