SEO for Travel Agencies: 8 Tips to Stand Out

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Managing SEO for travel agencies can be a true feat.

There are many travel blogs and websites out there from individuals and organizations who manage their content full-time, which can be tricky for agencies to keep up with. Likewise, the amount of competition in the market can be a headache to combat.

Fortunately, there are many exciting opportunities to create a content-driven SEO plan that interests clients, reaches the right people, and generates tons of leads for your site.

Let’s take a closer look at what travel agencies can do to maximize their SEO strategy and stand out from the crowd.

1. Write Guest Posts

Creating backlinks for your agency’s website is a crucial part of building its authority. Backlinks are links to your site that are published on another site. More backlinks show search engines that other people find value in your content, which helps them determine which sites to boost and which to leave behind.

One of the easiest and most foolproof ways to gain backlinks is by writing content to be featured on other blogs, specifically travel blogs. Many publishers accept guest posts with links to other sites for a small cost.

By creating guest posts, you can drive more traffic from new readers to your site and boost your credibility. Anything that gets your name out there also helps you create a brand that consumers will recognize.

2. Focus on Relevant Keywords

When it comes time to choose SEO keywords, pick those that make sense for your content and match what users are actually searching for.

For instance, the odds of someone looking up “Our Awesome Week in Cabo” are much slimmer than the odds they’re searching for “Top 5 Best Things to do in Cabo.”

Likewise, it’s essential to consider search intent. Think about what people are looking for when they search for the keyword(s) you want to use. Are they hoping to learn more information? Make a purchase? Find lists of companies to choose from?

With your answer in mind, you can create content that people are likely to click on and stay on. Otherwise, your articles may never stand a chance against the competition.

3. Target Low Competition Keywords

Arguably the biggest challenge related to SEO for travel agencies is competition. There are thousands of travel agencies to compete with, just as there are thousands of travel bloggers dominating popular keywords.

To throw your agency’s name in the ring, it makes more sense to collect many small fish instead of one big fish. That means targeting keywords that match your niche and intent but don’t come with a lot of competing results. Aim for keywords with a decent search volume but low competition to increase your chances of guaranteed traffic.

Remember, even a few hundred hits on your site could lead to a few dozen or more sales. When you apply this principle to months of content creation, you can see serious growth that will take your travel agency to the next level.

4. Create Quizzes and Personalized Travel Plans

Make creativity a central part of your travel SEO strategy. Adding quizzes that ask users to share their preferences or create customized travel plans based on quiz answers is a fun, simple way to boost engagement and traffic.

Building a relationship with your readers and giving them personalized attention is a small change that ensures traffic on your site converts to sales.

Just make sure not to completely give away all the magic your agency can do – the goal is not to create travel plans for readers but to offer them a glimpse at what they can expect if they work with your agency. A few questions are all it takes to show readers that they can’t miss out on what you have to offer.

5. Source Stunning Imagery

It’s long been true that travel agencies utilize fantastic images and videos of locations to sell their services. Today, your website and social media offer the perfect opportunities to show these images to more people than ever before.

It may be wise to consider outsourcing to local photographers in the areas you service to ask for content you can use as part of your travel SEO strategy. Videos and images can easily be used in posts, newsletters, new articles, and any other content you create.

Draw readers in with the right keywords and a strong domain authority, pique their interest with beautiful graphics, and keep them engaged with high-quality content that leads to sales.

6. Work with Travel Influencers

Influencers and bloggers are your best friend when it comes to travel agency SEO. Collaborate with these professionals to bring attention to your brand in an organic, accessible manner.

To take things up a notch, consider offering bonuses like giveaways or sweepstakes to engage influencers’ audiences and transform them into your own.

A simple campaign that asks users to follow your account and share your sponsored post on their page to win a free trip could generate thousands of new hits and drum up excitement that will stick with your business.

7. Create Interactive Graphics and Content

Pictures and videos are a must-have, but they’re not the end-all-be-all of visual content. A vital part of SEO for travel agencies is interactivity; when competition is steep, you need to give readers a reason to consistently choose your site over others.

An excellent way to show them that they should is to offer them something they can’t find anywhere else. There are many ways to implement interactive elements to your travel agency website, including:

  • Interactive maps
  • Polls and surveys
  • 3-D camera features or images
  • Discussion forums and community threads

8. Don’t Skimp on Quality

It may seem like written content is last on the list of priorities for travel agency SEO, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is important that you choose the best keywords possible, create lots of backlinks, and get your brand out there, but it’s equally vital to offer truly helpful content.

Search engines prioritize material that is well-researched, detailed, and able to keep readers engaged. You can’t replicate content like this with any shortcuts; it takes time, practice, and skill to promote your travel agency with the right voice.

However, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, creating high-quality content is a great opportunity to show that your travel agency goes above and beyond the rest.

So, when investing in written content for your site, try your best to offer only the best-finished product you can. Your content should be optimized for search engines but also for the human readers who are looking for it in the first place.

The Bottom Line

Navigating SEO for travel agencies can be challenging, but there are ways to set yourself up for success that overcome the obstacles you might face. Still, it often takes time and patience to manage SEO for travel agency websites, and not everyone has the experience necessary to troubleshoot if things don’t go as planned.

That’s why it’s helpful to trust SEO companies with a professional background in travel SEO. Having access to a dedicated team who can help you discover exciting ways to enhance your site can be the difference between mediocre and massive results.

When you need access to SEO services for travel agencies, you need Firestarter. We are proud to be an award-winning Denver SEO firm with a strong background in the travel industry and the expertise to help small businesses flourish. Over 12 years of experience and customer success have helped us learn the ins and outs of travel SEO. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help your travel agency’s reach spread like a flame.

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