How do you determine your marketing budget?

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Creating an adequate marketing budget for a business involves a lot of hard work. One cannot simply use the trial-and-error method because of its ineffectiveness. Companies have found efficient tools that help them create a successful marketing budget.

The entire method consists of several steps that business owners must follow for effective marketing. This article sheds light on the importance of creating a successful SEO marketing budget. Before moving on, let us define “marketing budget.”

What Is a Marketing Budget?

A marketing budget refers to a detailed plan that shows how much money business owners plan to spend on different marketing platforms. The top marketing platforms are as follows.

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Paid Ads such as Google Ads
  • Word of mouth
  • Business Websites
  • Content marketing and SEO
  • Print Media
  • Podcasts

Why do you need a marketing budget?

Every business requires effective marketing strategies to promote their services. Since marketing can affect your reach, creating an efficient marketing strategy is essential. According to CMO Survey conducted in February 2020, marketing budgets were projected to be 11.3% in 2020.

Marketing strategies involve more than just businesses. It covers pricing, areas or planning, and most importantly, distribution of services to stay competitive. Here are some significant reasons companies must create a marketing budget to stay relevant.

Keeps you on track

Creating a marketing strategy helps you understand where you are spending your money. Since you are keeping a record of all the distribution of funds, it helps to keep track of your spending. When you set a marketing budget, you can quickly evaluate if you are overspending in a specific area. Skipping it may lead to overspending that may later affect your cash flow.

Helps you distribute money accordingly

The marketing budget helps you distribute your budget according to your marketing needs. Knowing where to spend money to gain maximum returns makes it easier to allocate money in the right places. It also helps in determining strategies that are beneficial for your business.

Helps in setting business goals

Businesses with well-defined marketing strategies are more likely to succeed than businesses with an effective marketing plan. To reach set goals, understanding the target market and distributing your expenses among different channels helps you gain your returns and make your marketing strategy meaningful.

Helps in long-term plans

Creating a marketing budget helps you plan your future spending on different mediums. It enables you to develop long-term plans to keep you a step ahead in the market. Long-term planning provides you with additional time to plan your strategies more effectively. Long-term budget planning helps you create a more effective marketing strategy for your business.

Helps your business grow

When businesses create a marketing strategy, they understand its importance. Since it is not an additional cost but an investment for any business, it helps companies grow and develop more efficiently. Once companies learn to create a successful marketing budget, they can make the most of their investment.

How do you determine your marketing budget?

Creating a successful marketing budget starts with understanding the purpose of distributing your expenses amongst different mediums and their benefits for your business. Here, we have gathered some critical information to help you understand how the entire process plays out.

Know your audience

For any business it is essential to understand the audience. When a company plans to invest in a specific medium, it should first understand its target audience. It helps distribute your budget amongst different mediums and captures your audience’s attention to reach your goals. Before you start spending money on other channels make sure you have answers to the questions below.

  • How many customers know about the product?
  • What should the customers know before making a purchase?
  • How much traffic does your webpage attract every month?
  • How much revenue do your leads generate?

Businesses may have numerous other questions related to their goals. It is essential to know your goals and the returns you wish to gain from the investment before you start spending massive amounts on various marketing channels.

Align your expenses with your goals

Integrating goals and the budget is essential before diving into the market to promote your business. It helps you spend on your goals set by your audience and their journey to become potential buyers. These may include:

  • Sponsored posts to generate followers on your social media page.
  • Display ads to promote your product.
  • Paid ads to generate traffic to your website.
  • Hire bloggers to divert traffic to your company’s page.

Establish your business goals

Every guide about creating an adequate marketing budget focuses on establishing business goals. It is essential for every business because you need to know what you aim to achieve before setting a budget. Your targets may focus on the following.

  • Increasing subscribers on your channel
  • Increasing sales
  • Generating more traffic on your page
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Increasing leads

Set your priorities

It is necessary to set your priorities before you dive into the market. Businesses need to have effective strategies to assess what is best versus what is required. You can quickly evaluate your budget by tracking your spending with your gains.

Distribute your budget smartly

Before finalizing your budget, always go through the strategy you have designed to ensure smart spending. Always keep a template ready to list all the necessary expenses and tick the covered boxes. It helps you confirm if you have missed out on any hidden costs.

Measure your returns

When companies spend money to promote their business, they wish to determine if their spending has benefitted or hurt your future goals—the best way to find out is by measuring returns on investment.

If the company earns more on a specific product, it may promote it next year. Similarly, if your company does not do well on something, you may reevaluate your investment.


Creating a marketing budget has helped the business grow. If you are looking for expert services to divert traffic to your web page, gain more subscribers, or even promote your brand we at Firestarter SEO will help create an adequate marketing budget to boost your business.

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