How A New Website Can Increase Your Revenue

Time: 9:35 pm

The Challenge

MCA Connect provides Microsoft Dynamics solutions to the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Field Services industries. Their solutions are designed to optimize operations and empower organizations with innovative and easy-to-use applications. One of the biggest challenges they faced with their marketing was taking extremely complex solutions and clearly articulating their value in simple, impactful statements. This challenge was clear when visiting their site. Calls to Action were inconsistent, the design felt disjointed, and the messaging never really hit the mark.

The Solution

The purpose of the project was to create a homepage and sub-pages which better connected with MCA Connect’s audience, articulated the problems MCA Connect solved for their customers, and provided a more user-friendly experience. Revamping the messaging was the biggest undertaking, as we had to redesign the flow of each page. 

The development of this was a lengthy process, with a large number of revisions to design and to the content itself. With the help of MCA Connect’s team, we were able to implement the site update after a couple months of work. The results that followed surprised even us.

The Results

37 Leads in the first year.

100% Organic traffic increase in the first month after site relaunch and 18,815 total organic visits for the first year

+3931 Total increase in rankings in the first year. Increase of 7 1st page rankings after relaunch. This included keywords such as “Oil & Gas CRM” and “Dynamics 365 Implementation Services.” 

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