How SEO Increased Leads For A Sprinkler Company by 700%



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Colorado Sprinkler Service

Colorado Sprinkler Service is a booming landscaping company serving the Denver, Colorado area. The company specializes in sprinkler installation and service and landscape design. 

Their clients are homeowners and commercial property owners looking for both landscape design and sprinkler installation and service around Metro Denver. In a heavily saturated market, given the dry climate in Denver there is no shortage of sprinkler companies, these clients are looking for a company that provides top notch customer service, fair pricing, and timely work completion. Knowing they provide this exact type of service, CSS contacted Firestarter SEO to ramp up their organic traffic by way of keywords such as “Denver Sprinkler Installation.” With our help, they have become one of the most visible sprinkler and landscaping companies in Denver.


Home Services
– Landscaping
– Sprinkler Installation And Service

Company Size

Small Business
– <50 Employees


Denver, CO


– Sprinkler Installation
– Sprinkler Service
– Landscape Design
– Landscaping
– Retaining Walls

Other Stats

20+ years of collective experience
4.8 stars on Homeadvisor

The Challenge

Sprinkler installation and service in Denver is a highly competitive industry. Given the dry climate, rainy days are few and far between. As a result, the industry is highly saturated as much of the local population rely on sprinklers to keep their lawns and gardens healthy.

From the get go, we discovered by auditing their website and their competitors websites that much of the local industry made their business based off of referrals rather than any form of marketing. Therefore, we immediately understood that there was a real opportunity for them to pursue a highly effective digital marketing campaign.

When CSS first approached us, they sought to improve their brand awareness, increase search visibility, and leads to increase overall revenue by at least 10%.

Our research revealed the size of the challenge, including:

  • Less than 100 organic visitors per month to the site
  • 27 first page keywords of which only 3 had any search volume
  • 16 keywords ranking between the 2nd and 6th pages. All with significant search volume. These keywords included marquee keywords such as “Denver Sprinkler Installation.”

In other words, they were not reaching the vast majority of their potential client base.


The strategy

Starting from scratch, Firestarter SEO developed a strategy geared towards improving visibility, driving traffic to the website, and most importantly, moving their marquee keywords up to the first page.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting was lacking significantly on their site, so Firestarter SEO formulated a strategic Keyword Map and began implementing those keywords throughout the core pages of their site.


Link Building

CSS’ linking profile was virtually nonexistent with zero external links, only a handful of internal links, and very few referring domains. From the beginning this was a major focus for their campaign. Being a local company, Firestarter put a large emphasis on building directory links coupled with a significant number of guest posts for CSS.


Content Creation

Firestarter SEO also put a large emphasis on blog production for CSS. This established consistent updates and additions to their website. On top of that, we created high-quality digital assets like infographics in order to better differentiate CSS from the rest of the competition.

SEO Improvements

The Results

Our strategy generated results that completely change their business – with massive positive upticks in every key metric.


The rankings for CSS changed dramatically in short order. After 6 months, CSS found themselves on the first page with 17 high search volume keywords and 23 keywords ranking on the second page as well. Marquee keywords such as “Denver Sprinkler Installation” and “Denver Sprinkler Repair.”



In month 6, CSS saw organic traffic reach 1,096 visitors. Up 964% from their first month, radically changing their business.



In month 6, CSS generated 206 conversions that led to 190 phone calls. “Our phone will not stop ringing.”



Without breaching commercial sensitivities, CSS’ revenue has increased by over $1.7 Million per year.

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