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Billions of searches are performed each day. Are you being found? When a search is performed, the user’s perception is that the first results are the most relevant and legitimate. In fact, the first ten results receive about 90% of all click-through traffic and 36% of users agree that the first page results represent the top companies in the industry. Our job is to make you one of these first results. By leveraging our expertise in SEO and applying it with proven methods, we will help you BE FOUND online. You can be assured we are the best Denver SEO Company.

Firestarter SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) company located in Denver, Colorado. We have been in operation since 2009 and have seen great success. Our promise to our clients is that we will produce real results. We have ranked websites for thousands of keywords and generated millions of website visits. We have taken companies from not being in the top 50 search engine results, to being in the top 10. Simply put, we produce results. So if you are looking to earn your company’s website higher search engine rankings, more traffic, and ultimately more money…Firestarter SEO is your Denver SEO solution.



SEO is one of the most effective marketing tools available for businesses. It is extremely valuable because it brings pre-qualified leads and customers to your business. Customers are searching for you and your services. You, for example, most likely searched “Denver SEO Company” and look what you found! SEO eliminates the need for all those beautiful in-person sales pitches and who doesn’t love that?

Local Search

Localized search is the gateway to online visibility for small and medium businesses who only serve a particular area, as it is less competitive than regular organic search. Recently, search engines have moved more towards local search results, opening the doors even further to great opportunities for local businesses everywhere. Businesses can now leverage their location and gain relevant visits and potential customers.

Link Building

Link building has become increasingly more difficult with Google updates like Penguin. As link building becomes more intricate, it becomes even more imperative that you have an SEO company who understands how to build long lasting links and useful content. Our link building strategies help clients build clean and natural link profiles, allowing their websites to remain relevant and authoritative to search engines.


Analyze and Audit

This step in our SEO process is critical. Knowing where your site has been and what SEO tactics have been previously used, gives us the details needed to create a new blueprint that will produce real results. We explore your website and link profile in depth, enabling us to know what actions to take to improve your website’s online visibility. During this step we also pinpoint any critical obstructions that may exist.


Based on the information gathered from the audit, we determine the best plan of attack to improve your search engine results. Although we use tried and tested SEO methods, every client is unique and requires special attention. Therefore, each SEO plan is uniquely crafted to fit the client’s specific needs. We begin by selecting keywords, phrases and topics to target and then design a link building strategy around these selections and what the existing link profiles lacks.


Now that the foundation is laid and we know where your website has been and where it is going, we begin implementing the SEO campaign. We update all essential on-site SEO elements, including creating new title tags, meta descriptions, updating or changing site architecture, creating linkable content, interlinking pages and more, based on what was deemed needed by our audit.

Link Building

Our link building tactics focus on creating a natural and authoritative link profile. Often this means quality over quantity. Much of our link building efforts is spent on creating unique and useful content and then finding relevant, authoritative websites to place the content on. Your link profile is constantly monitored and tweaked to assure maximum traffic and visibility.


We believe in being completely transparent. At the end of each month we build a custom SEO report which outlines rankings, traffic, progress, link building, completed and pending tasks, etc. This serves a two-fold purpose. First, it keeps you informed and aware of what is being done each month. Second, it provides Firestarter an opportunity to revisit our strategy and fine-tune it to ensure the best possible results.


Designer Premier

“Our business depends on great on-line leads and pay per click ads. Firestarter had a perfect image of what we needed for our landing pages to attract new customers and Firestarter SEO designed them beautifully. We continue to produce clients from these leads and see a return from our investment.”

Marina – Designer Premier

Premier Properties

“In my profession, a well developed and professional website can make all the difference in being good at what I do and being the best at what I do. Firestarter SEO designed a site that I can hang my reputation on with confidence.”

Mike McCabe – Premier Properties


“We never thought being ranked on Google’s front page was even possible. Firestarter SEO proved us wrong, and did so in only three months. Firestarter SEO always made me feel as if I was their number one client, providing up-to-date results in an esay to understand way.”

Seth Dubois – AquatiControl

Blue Yonder

“We appreciate your efforts and follow up to assist us in the development of our website.  You have gone beyond the call to duty to make sure we were going the right direction as we prepared our webpage and developed its content.  It has been time well spent.”
Mark Malley – BlueYonderInc


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