Will SEO Change in 2022?


When it comes to online marketing, digital marketers recognize the importance of SEO for growing their business. In 2022, investing in quality SEO to expand your brand and attract organic traffic is essential to guarantee success.

But as we enter into 2022, you may wonder if the strategies that worked last year will help you rank higher this time around.

To help you boost your online visibility and presence, we’ve created a guide to SEO changes you should expect this year:

SEO Changes You Should Expect in 2022

Here we discuss the eight most important SEO trends and changes that will matter in 2022:

Results with Show Related and Accurate Content

Earlier in 2021, Google shifted its focus on providing relevant and valuable content. Today’s marketers can expect the following changes in search results:

Content Association to the Query

Irrelevant content and misleading titles will no longer help businesses score on the first page results.

Google’s algorithm can recognize content with relevant and reliable information effectively. By 2022, SEO rankings will likely become more competitive with providing high-quality content.

Content only aims to fish for their audience through unnecessary linking and click-bait headlines. Google also identifies the reliability of backlinks.

Better Featured Snippets

Google recently implemented minor tweaks like the Passage Ranking Update and Google BERT. These complex algorithms aid search engines in indexing web pages and individual passages from specific pages.

It is beneficial for voice search results since it allows users to find the exact answer to their queries. And with users becoming more intentional, featured snippets will likely play a more significant role in the coming years.

New Ways to Search

Voice search technology has grown increasingly popular because of innovative tools like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Research reveals that approximately 55% of households will own a smart speaker by 2022.

Businesses should focus on long-tail keywords and longer phrases to improve their SEO for voice queries. Voice searches perform best with longer keywords since users tend to abbreviate while typing. This way, you can set your content up for success on the web.

No More 3rd-Party Cookie

The end of 3rd party cookies is creeping closer in 2022 as Chrome, and other browsers will stop allowing the. It will result in a significant decrease in your PPC spend efficiency.

But for SEO, this is good news. Why? Because it means that people can continue searching for their desired products/services or business providers while coming across fewer and targeted ads.

Here are several things your businesses must do to cope with the termination of 3rd party cookies:

·  Ensure you’re targeting your ideal audience with the right web pages. Plus, focus on improving every stage of the buyer’s journey

·  Focus on collecting necessary user data with 1st party cookies or universal IDs

Increased Focus on Mobile User Experience

Google now places its emphasis on ranking websites’ desktop and mobile versions. For this reason, many websites have two versions to improve their optimization efforts.

Since Google applies mobile-first indexing, you must make your website mobile-friendly to ensure a quality user experience while boosting your search engine ranking.

Smart Answers for Complex Questions

In May 2021, Google released their Multitask Unified Model (MUM)- an innovative natural language model better than BERT.

The revolutionary NL model aids Google in collecting contextual information to provide users with comprehensive and valuable answers to complex queries.

MUM is also different from the PRU since this NL model is multimodal, i.e., it can simultaneously collect information from various sources to offer relevant responses. It also overcomes potential language and format barriers to deliver valuable search results.

For instance, if you clicked a picture of your coat and asked, ‘Can I wear this to my trip to the Mountains? Then with AI and MUM-powered searches, Google will analyze your picture and recommend appropriate winter wear.

Changes in Optimization

Optimization will likely change in the following ways in 2022:

Using Related Keywords

Repeating the same keyword throughout your article or blog is no longer helpful for increasing traffic.

Google identifies high-quality content based on synonyms and related words from ranking keywords. Using one keyword repeatedly may even result in Google detecting your content as spam.

Adding Images and Videos is Crucial

Adding attention-grabbing pictures and videos within your article blogs is an excellent way of attracting visual learners.

Not only can you captivate a more diverse consumer base, but adding pictures and videos in web content can help your article rank higher.

Local SEO will Thrive

The Covid-19 caused people to find ways to limit social contact and stay indoors as much as possible.

It means that driving across the city to spend a day at the spa or gym is no longer possible. Instead, people are increasingly seeking services closest to their homes.

Local SEO will likely continue to grow in 2022, even if the pandemic disappears.

Focus on E-A-T

Google focuses on providing high-quality and valuable content to its user. For this reason, the search engine started honing on Expertise-Authority-Trust (E-A-T).

In 2021, Google shifted its focus to authoritative and expert content instead of information that doesn’t trust readers.

It means that your blog article must offer well-researched and compelling information that inspires trust and increases click rates.

So, ensure that you add actionable advice, data and statics, and relevant quotes in your content.

Use of Predictive Search

Predictive search gathers insightful information from app usage, calendars, and browsing history. The tool also identifies home and work locations to serve relevant and appropriate content.

Keeping these criteria in mind can provide access to sub-niches within your market when creating content.

The Bottom Line: Keeping Up with Changing SEO Trends

SEO in today’s competitive world goes beyond traditional advertising and marketing- it’s painstaking and time-consuming work that accounts for changing trends across various areas that impact your business.

Most experts believe that Search Engine Optimization will likely get more complex yet essential in 2022. Remember the SEO trends discussed above to prepare for the year ahead and gain a competitive edge. To ensure your website adapts to the changing SEO trends, you must opt for long-term SEO support.








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