The Challenge

A local attorney had a website for nearly 10 years that had some trust with Google but was not optimized for any terms he wanted to rank for. He had heard the typical industry narrative that you need to give your SEO company 6 months to a year to see any results. He had enough saved to give Firestarter 6 months to get results. Knowing how old his website was and how there was no optimization, we knew there was an opportunity to get results quickly.

The Solution

The first thing we did was implement a targeted keyword strategy. Targeting keywords that would bring clients and contain a clear location (such as “Estate Planning Denver”) quickly improved their rankings. His website was rather small but we still made sure all errors were cleaned up to ensure he kept his trust with Google. Finally, we implemented a local-focused link building strategy. When this attorney began, they had only 18 unique websites linking back to their site. We needed to build great local links.

The Results

66 Phone calls in the first 6 months.

300% Increase in website traffic in the first 6 months.

+325 Rankings increase in the first 6 months.