What does my SEO guy do all day?


Have you been the victim of receiving a monthly invoice from an SEO agency or SEO consultant and having absolutely no idea what you’re paying for? You’re not alone, judging by the number of introductory calls I’ve had with potential clients who said the same. So what IS your SEO guy actually doing for you?

SEO Myths 

First, let’s clear up a common misconception when it comes to SEO. SEO is no longer just doing keyword research and stuffing them in the content as many times as they will fit. It’s that and so much more. A “one-time optimization” isn’t going to cut it anymore. An effective SEO strategy requires continuous support and analysis.

Digital Marketing Research

Google makes minor updates to its search engine algorithms multiple times a day. Recent estimates put annual updates to search algorithms in the thousands. Google does not typically release news regarding minor updates, meaning nobody knows exactly what the updates have changed. The only way to keep up with these changes is to monitor trends across multiple different websites and test. Every once in a while, Google will have a major update (like the Page Experience update). With major updates, Google will release new information regarding changes to the search algorithm, and if we’re lucky, the ranking parameters. It is then the job of SEO professionals to prepare their client’s websites for these updates and alter the strategy if necessary. The #1 responsibility of an SEO professional is not the optimization or the website, but creating a marketing strategy that can adapt to radical algorithm changes.

Content Creation

Any SEO strategy worthy of a 1st page Google ranking includes a content plan. Check out “Is Content King?” for a better understanding of the importance of fresh and quality content. Even if your SEO professional is not writing the content, they are analyzing keyword trends and current events to find quality content opportunities. If your SEO professional didn’t suggest creating COVID-19 content for your business, give us a call.

Link Building

Link building may be the most misunderstood attribute of SEO. One of the first things you learn when studying SEO is getting lots of authoritative websites to link back to your site will dramatically improve search rankings. While everyone may want a guest posting opportunity to Forbes, the reality is that financially it doesn’t make sense for most companies to spend thousands for a single backlink. For website managers inexperienced with SEO it can be tricky to find the best links. SEO professionals should have a network of quality websites and directories in different industries and continue to find new opportunities. Google strongly discourages the purchasing of links and may penalize websites that receive links from spam websites. SEO experts analyze your link profile and guide you to creating natural, quality backlinks.

Technical SEO

Website errors are often extremely time-consuming. Especially in larger websites, fixing website issues creates a mountain of work hours. Since SEO strategy evolves throughout the campaign, and fresh content is a ranking factor, technical issues never really end. 

Next Steps

SEO is not cut-and-dry. It is not always predictable and requires close analysis. If a particular keyword is not moving up through rankings as planned, a strategy shift may be necessary. If a keyword does not have the intent behind it and is bringing in unqualified or irrelevant leads, a strategy shift may be necessary. Even if everything is peachy and you are seeing the expected results, it is important not to get complacent. 

Find out how Firestarter SEO understands its client’s needs and builds a unique strategy to match them. We take pride in our transparent and honest approach to SEO and the impact it can have on a business. Get a free consultation today!

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