What Does an SEO Company Do?


You’ve no doubt heard a lot about the importance of SEO and an effective online presence to the success of a business. SEO, or search engine optimization, increases your visibility to Google and other search engines, which in turn increases the likelihood that internet searches will lead potential new customers to you.

For most business owners, the wisest move is to turn to the experts in the field by hiring an SEO company to optimize their website. A good SEO company has knowledge and experience that will allow you to quickly improve your page ranking

But what will an SEO company actually do for you? If you hire them, what does your money get you? And what can you expect for your company’s website?

On Your Website

The first facet of a good SEO overhaul takes place on your company’s website. Your SEO team should analyze several factors, including you in the process as they make changes.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords are topics and phrases that summarize your content. One way to think of keywords is as the phrase a person might type into a search engine. Working together with you, an SEO company will define several keywords for your site. The company will then carefully embed those words or phrases throughout your site, both in the content visitors to the site can read and in the code. A good SEO company will be able to do this without changing the message or content quality of your site.

Crawl Analysis

On a regular basis, an SEO company will analyze how search engines are crawling your website. Things like good site architecture contribute to how search engines view your site, so your SEO company will help you get organized and stay that way if necessary. Your team will also help make sure that the crawl is picking up the areas of your site you most want visible and placing them front and center. If this isn’t happening as it should, an SEO company will help make the necessary modifications to your site to correct the problem.

Content Creation

Your website will get more attention from search engines if you’re producing content on a regular basis, and your SEO company understands that. Maintaining a blog or newsletter on top of all your other responsibilities is a time-consuming proposition. An SEO company will develop regular content to post on your site, featuring your keywords.

Off Your Website

On the wider web, there are plenty of important things that can help strengthen your company’s SEO. It’s not enough to have a robust page—it also has to be well connected.

Link Building

A huge part of SEO is link building—developing a network of links from other websites that lead back to yours. If your site is an island, search engines won’t want to send people there. But if it is part of a strong chain, you come across as authoritative and legitimate. An SEO company will work to exchange links between your site and others, as well as making sure the content your site is publishing is strong enough to merit linking by others in your industry.


Your SEO company should be keeping you abreast of exactly what impact their actions are having on your company and what their plan is going forward. When making a choice of who to hire, make sure you ask about reporting. You want to receive a regular overview that tells you exactly what your money is gaining your company. You also want an opportunity to make your voice heard and ask any questions you may have. Communication is key.

Bringing in an SEO company can make all the difference to the success of your website. Position yourself to be seen online by turning to the experts today.

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