What Are the Advantages of Building Landing Pages?


SEO Landing PageIn the digital marketing world, the use of landing pages is widely regarded as a best practice for a website. A landing page can serve a wide variety of purposes. Whether for your social media ad campaign, an email campaign, or even just SEO, a good landing page can be a valuable resource in your digital toolkit. In this article, we’ll explore three key advantages of building landing pages: improving your conversion rate, expanding your website’s content, and bolstering your local presence.

Better Conversion Rate

More than anything else, a major value of a well-designed landing page is in how it improves conversion rates. These pages will have easily accessible and visible calls to action, offering your clientele an opportunity to contact you or access more resources & information at every turn. They are designed to keep visitors engaged through using highly-relevant and targeted content. Ultimately, a good landing page will result in greater lead quantity and quality.

Expanding Content

One worthy benefit of utilizing landing pages is their ability to expand your website’s content. With SEO, more pages on your website present more opportunities to target different audiences and keywords. They show search engines that you have a wealth of resources at their searchers’ disposal. This expanded content selection can also go a long way for your visitors, as they will appreciate the depth of options at their fingertips to learn more about your industry and your services.

Local Presence

Finally, using landing pages can be crucial in helping you improve your website’s local visibility.  These present opportunities to build unique pages for each city or location you serve. In doing so, you can create specific content for that given location. Not only will that help your potential customers feel that you understand their needs and can connect with them on a local level, but it will also send very clear signals to search engines that you belong in the searches for that area.

So, whether you are simply looking to improve your email marketing, or looking to leverage all the benefits available to you, building landing pages is a no brainer for your digital marketing strategy.

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