The Challenge

Milo Construction is a commercial construction contractor located in Boulder. Their struggle has always been competing with the large national companies in the Boulder and Denver area. Due to them not having the budget that national companies do, they always found it impossible to outrank them for the same keywords they were targeting. They had a website for some time but were never able to leverage it much in the past to generate leads. They were looking to improve their online visibility and scale their business.

The Solution

At Firestarter, the vast majority of our clients don’t have the budgets their competition does. This is particularly true for local businesses competing against national name brands. However, it doesn’t mean they can’t rank well and grow their business. With every campaign, we try to work closely with our clients and figure out what their target market is thinking when they enter a query. We call them “customer-first keywords.” These keywords have high intent, are relevant to the services our clients provide and have enough monthly search volume to justify pursuing rankings. After identifying the keywords that some of the large nationwide companies weren’t targeting we went to work on optimizing the site and driving quality traffic. The results were astounding!

The Results

387 Leads in the first 9 months. 

200% Increase in organic website traffic.

+1423 Rankings increase while doubling their 1st-page rankings.