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We are lucky to live in a day where many of the tools we use can make us provide more quality work efficiently. At Firestarter we always try to make sure we are using the most useful tools for SEO. When you combine that with making sure you are up to date with all the algorithms and being educated on SEO, there isn’t really much standing in the way of having a successful SEO campaign. We will discuss the best tools to make your technical SEO as sound as possible.

Wordpress Plugins

Most SEO experts agree Wordpress is the best platform for SEO. The useful plugins are endless and there are little to no roadblocks with keeping your website healthy. 

  • Yoast – Yoast is not only valuable for content optimization, but it can also prove to be important with making sure your target keywords work in harmony with your H1’s and meta descriptions.
  • Redirection – Broken links and 404 errors will happen on your website, it’s inevitable. Using the redirection plugin is the easiest way to put a 301 redirect on those dead pages and broken links to make sure your tech SEO doesn’t suffer. 
  • Update Image Tag Alt Attribute – Made by Maui Marketing, this plugin clears all current alt text and replaces it with the target keyword you are going for and clears the errors. So, you end up optimized and error-free.

Website Crawler

Going through an entire website and checking for all technical errors would be next to near impossible. Even if you could, the time it would take would not be worth what you might find. Luckily there are many wonderful crawlers available to do that for you. We suggest crawling your website once a week to make sure no new technical errors have come up. Even if your web developer did a perfect job building your website, errors would eventually find their way to your website over time.  

Google Pagespeed Insights

One of the few things that everyone can agree on is that site speed matters. Google has made it clear that it is a ranking factor. It would be extremely time-consuming to go to every page on your website and check how fast the pages are loading. Luckily, PageSpeed Insights can do it for you and it’s free. They also provide valuable information on what could be slowing down your website.

Technical SEO

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Page

How do you know if your website is mobile friendly? Being mobile friendly is just how your website responds to mobile devices. Chances are if your website was built by a professional after 2015 it should be mobile-friendly. If you don’t know if your website is mobile-friendly, you can check here. Being mobile-friendly is a ranking factor, so make sure you check.

Don’t Overlook your Tech SEO

The Google bot can crawl your website at any time. If your website is not technically sound at the time of your crawl, your rankings could suffer. If you don’t employ an SEO company, make sure you take into account all of the tools for technical SEO that we have gone over.

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