The Challenge

JDI Windows is a local company in Denver that has offered window sales, design, and installation services for over 20 years. Since windows is a very competitive industry with many national competitors it can be challenging to set yourself apart from the competition.

As one of Firestarter’s longest-standing and loyal customers, we are constantly trying to find new ways to boost their rankings and online presence. At Firestarter SEO, we are firm believers that a healthy marketing approach is to utilize multiple channels and strategies to market a business. We needed to produce something that not only could help their SEO, but their other marketing channels as well.

The Solution

Blogging is an important part of SEO but not as versatile as other forms of content, such as higher quality digital assets. A digital asset is designed to maximize engagement with customers through captivating content like a comprehensive guide or an infographic. Infographics can serve multiple purposes, from link building efforts to social media. Creating an infographic around the benefits of replacing windows could be used by JDI in multiple marketing campaigns and push more potential customers to their website.  

After implementing the infographic to their website and social media channels, JDI saw incredible results.  They experienced an increase in website traffic during what was normally their slow season. Using the infographic in Firestarter SEO’s link building efforts, we were able to get a large number of authoritative links that otherwise would have been out of reach. They are still seeing the benefits of the infographic 18 months later.

The Results

1,545 Leads in the first year after the creation of the infographic.

50% Increase in organic traffic in the first 2 months and 500% in the first year. 100% increase in traffic from social media in the first month.

+4 First page rankings increase.