When beginning the search engine optimization process, it’s important to know that it is considered to be a long term play. This is especially the case when compared to PPC campaigns which typically yield results almost immediately. At the same time, it can be said SEO will more positively impact your business in the long term than a PPC campaign. 

Discovery Call

Your first contact with Firestarter SEO will likely begin with a quick 20 minute discovery call from one of our experts. On the call they’ll ask you relevant questions regarding your business, your website, and how the two tie together in your overall business model. Following this, the expert will begin a full (and also free) audit of your website to better understand its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. It’s also at this time that you’ll be asked what sort of keywords you hope to rank for. For example if you’re a used car dealership in Denver, Colorado specializing in Toyota, it’s probably best to find specific keywords related to that. For example, a good keyword for this would be something like “used Toyota Denver.”

Proposal Review

Your second contact with Firestarter SEO will be a proposal review. After taking a few days to audit your website, an SEO expert will compile a proposal to review with you. This proposal sets for the plan of action on how to optimize your website effectively. The proposal will include aspects related to the 3 core pillars of SEO such as content (keywords, etc), on-site optimization (technical SEO), and off-site optimization (link building). Keep in mind that it’s not expected you sign off on the proposal right away. We recognize that investing in SEO can be a big decision and you should take as much time as  you need to read through the proposal and of course ask any questions you may have. 


Once you’ve signed the proposal review, Firestarter SEO will immediately begin the SEO process. This typically begins with on-site SEO by fixing any critical tech errors on your site that are affecting your search engine ranking. An example of this would be fixing any broken links to 404 errors your page may have. Following this, content optimization and link building will become the most important factors as we continue down the road of SEO.