Content can make or break your SEO strategy. There are numerous ways to improve your content strategy but not all of them hold the same weight. These days, time is money so make sure that whatever you’re doing around your content strategy can help you on multiple facets. We will discuss the 3 best practices to improve your content strategy and how they will improve your overall SEO.

Content Clusters

Content clusters are a newer way to look at your content strategy. Instead of just inserting your keywords into your page 2-3 times, you use internal linking to show Google that user experience is centered around that keyword or piece of content. 

Ways to improve your content strategy

As you can see above, “Denver SEO” is the overall keyword that is trying to be ranked for. To give that piece of content more equity we produce more pieces of supplemental content and then link back. This not only helps your user experience overall but it shows the crawlers that you have supporting content for the main keyword you are trying to rank for.

Digital Assets 

We often talk about digital assets and inserting them into our client’s strategy. A digital asset is more than just a blog or regular text on the page of your website. They are forms of content that are not only visually appealing but also carry a good amount of weight in helping your SEO. Different forms of digital assets consist of everything from comprehensive guides to infographics. Some of the best things about digital assets are that they are shareable. Not only your website but also can be shared on social media and with potential clients to lure them to you. Digital marketing should be all centered around your visibility and this is a way to increase it.

Who are you Producing the Content for

The main question that you should be asking yourself at the beginning of any marketing campaign is who are you trying to market to? Content should always be more informative then self-serving. So, being able to get into the head of your target audience and answer their questions is the best place to start. In addition, if you know what your potential clients are asking for then you can rope your keyword strategy in with your content. 

Make your Content Work for You

There is nothing more valuable online than content. It would make sense to have your content work for you. If you invest in SEO, you already understand the value of something ( Your Website ) working for you. Providing valuable content for the right audience in the right avenues can make all the difference in the world. Following the three ways above will improve your content strategy and most importantly your SEO. Rankings don’t happen overnight so don’t fall victim to feeling like you need to produce massive amounts of content, it all comes down to the quality of it and how you’re using it.  

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