Thanksgiving SEO Recipe Ideas

happy thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family, friends, and your crazy uncle who is only kind of part of the family. We thought it would be kind of funny to put together some Thanksgiving SEO recipes in the spirit of the holiday season. From mashed potatoes to a stuffed turkey, the Firestarters have you covered for an SEO thanksgiving full of flavor and success.


Turkey with Stuffing

If you look at your website as the table’s centerpiece (a big ol’ roasted turkey), we must look at the stuffing as the links pointing to your website. A well-made stuffing that has the flavor of the turkey baked in is certainly something to salivate over. A bunch of high-quality links pointing (stuffed) into your website will make it that much more valuable. The turkey is delectable and comes with a side of stuffing baked in. Your website is delectable once it is technically optimized and the side of links builds more trust for you and your website. So search out opportunities to get mentioned across the web and ensure they implement a link from their site to yours. You could sponsor a turkey trot, donate to a food bank, or so much more as a way to help yourself and your community alike.

Use Fresh Ingredients

Nothing exhibits flavor and freshness like fresh ingredients. You should use fresh green beans for your green bean casserole, cut up your sweet potatoes on the day of, and if you’re really feeling wild, you could take on a fresh cranberry sauce recipe. There may be something lost if your cranberry sauce does not have the typical “can lines”, depending on your family’s traditions. This need for freshness applies to your content as well. Google does not want the same repetitive articles over and over again. Generating fresh, unique content will quickly establish trust in the eyes of search engines just like the use of fresh ingredients in your Thanksgiving dishes will make your guest’s taste buds dance with excitement.

Turkey Gravy and Sauces

The gravy for the turkey unites the various flavors (and can save a dried-out turkey) on your plate into something cohesive and tasty for your visitors. The same applies to the potential to top off your SEO efforts with items such as:

While each of these certainly applies to internet marketing, they may not be the core efforts of your marketing campaign. Paid advertising is highly forecastable and measurable as you pay for each click, impression, or visit you receive. Social media is an excellent place to increase your brand visibility, interact with your local community, and develop relationships with similar industry operators. Your Google My Business profile has a ton of potential for buildout. Ensuring you are keeping your holiday hours up to date, scheduling new posts to share, and responding to reviews regularly will help your chances to rank locally.

Dessert: Give Thanks

Lastly, for dessert, we ask that you give thanks to those around you. We would like to thank you for being a visitor to our site. Whether you have been a client for 8 years, or this is your first time to visit, we thank you for your time. We want to thank Denver for being the wonderful place we call home. We are thankful for our clients having the trust and confidence in us to create, implement, and manage successful SEO campaigns.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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