Not only does Firestarter SEO specialize in SEO but we also offer top of the line website design and development services. We were actually founded as a website design company and although we have evolved over the years, we have always been able to provide a premium website without the premium price tag that larger agencies would charge.


Custom WP Theme

It’s no secret that to legitimize your business, you need to have a website. A mistake that too many fall into is cutting corners just to have a website but then they end up hurting their brand by having an outdated or cookie cutter design.

Custom Design
94 % of people cite design as a reason they don’t trust certain websites

Why this matters

The web design services market is estimated to be worth $40.8 billion in the US in 2021.
web management

Web Management

In almost all cases business owners use their website as a marketing tool. What better way to get a leg up on your competition then having an SEO company manage your website to ensure your website stays up to date SEO wise and avoid costly downtimes.

SEO Professional Managed
Why this matters

Why Have An SEO Company Manage Your Website

61% of B2B marketers stated that SEO and organic traffic generate more leads than any other marketing initiative.


“You get what you pay for.” This couldn’t be more true then when it comes to hosting. At Firestarter we house our clients website’s on our own private server. What this means for you, is a dedicated server for you website that will make your website faster, perform better, and have better security.

Why this matters

Good Hosting Is Becoming More Important

Private server hosting is expected to grow at a rate of 15.5% between 2020 and 2027
responsive design

Responsive Design

Although there are many website builders out there for anyone to use, they are infamous for creating stale, slow websites that don’t perform. When developing our websites, we don’t cut any corners and make sure the website can perform well on all devices.

Responsive Design
Why this matters

HubSpot Survey

73.1% of web designers believe that a non-responsive design is a top reason why visitors leave a website
site speed

Site Speed & Core Vitals

Along the lines of having a site ready for mobile and local search, Google has made site speed a ranking factor, although a very minor one, it’s becoming more important for a website to load quickly. Using various plugins and some minor dev fixes we speed up pages slowing your website down.

Site Speed
Why this matters

-12% Conversion Rate

For every second that your website takes to load your conversion rate drops by 12%.*

Landing Page Design

It’s true that landing pages convert better than regular pages. If you want to make sure you’re making the most of your traffic and casting a wider net, it’s important to have landing pages that speak specifically to the user for a specific query they have searched for.

Higher Conversion
Why this matters

11.45% or higher conversion rate

Across industries, the average landing page conversion rate was 2.35%, yet the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher. Ideally, you want to break into the top 10% — these are the landing pages with conversion rates of 11.45% or higher

A Superior Website Design and Development Will Represent Your Business The Right Way

Why Your Business Needs Responsive Web Design

Your potential customers are looking for your services on all different types of devices that have different screen sizes. If your website is not responsive you some users may have a different experience than others. Don’t leave it to chance, and make sure you website is responsive.

Web Design Services That Deliver Positive Results

At Firestarter, we start out with a custom website design tailored to your business and unique customer needs. As a client-centered WordPress website design company, we want you to be involved in every step of the process.



Firestarter SEO will meet with you to discuss specific vision, branding standards, and flow of the design. Firestarter SEO will then establish a plan to execute the product while meeting the standards set in the initial discussion.


Wireframe Design

After the plan has been established, Firestarter SEO will create wireframe designs for each of the pages we will be creating. These wireframes will serve as the foundation for building out and designing the details of each page template. While these won’t be shared with Sleek Technologies, these will serve as a foundational piece for the design.


Page Design

With wireframes in place, the actual design will begin. This will include colors, images, copy, and call-to-actions. Each page will be structured towards converting visitors to the site and providing a quality user experience.



Once the designs have been approved, the project shifts into the development stage. During this stage, our developers will begin the actual buildout of the designs in a testing environment. This allows us to make any edits necessary without impacting your current website.


Responsive Development

A major element of modern-day web design is ensuring a responsive design. This creates flexibility in your site for users across multiple devices, from cell phones to desktops. Firestarter SEO will ensure a responsive layout and fast performance for your new design.



One of the final steps in the buildout process includes extensive testing. We will make sure all links work correctly, responsiveness is accurate, and there are no typos or coding errors

What Our Clients Say

Don’t take our word for it. We’ve earned 4.8 stars on Google and 4.9 stars on Clutch. See what our clients have to say:



I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Firestarter SEO. They are fun, easy to work with and we always feel like a priority. Skyler, Kyle and Jared are very knowledgeable and know SEO strategies well! We have been happy with the transparent communication and results so far. Next step, website refresh! – Brittany L.


One of the biggest challenges MCA faced with their marketing was taking extremely complex solutions and clearly articulating their value in simple, impactful statements.


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