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Conversion Rate Optimization

Maximizing conversions is a crucial step towards turning your business’s website into an effective and reliable source of new customers. Even if a website is trafficked by thousands of visitors every month, it means nothing if those visitors aren’t converting into leads. By combining our proven traffic driving SEO strategy with an eye catching design we turn your website into a source of new business you can count on.

Get Results
Avg Website Conversion Rate: 1-2%

Why this matters

Even if your website gets thousands of hits per month, only a fraction of those visitors actually turn into customers. With the right conversion strategy you get maximum value each and every website visitor.
On site seo

Engaging Content

A website is only as good as it’s content. By creating engaging content that showcases your product or service we help your business stand out from the comptetition. The best converting websites engage visitors with useful information that relates to them and the specific problem they are trying to solve.

Content Strategy
Why this matters

Visitors Spend ~54 Seconds On A Page

With less than a minute to engage with your audience, creating effective content that adds value to your product or service is the best way to move them closer to a buying decision.
Local SEO

Bounce Rate

Website visitors who click on your website from a Google SERP, but leave without engaging your content causes what is know as a “bounce”. A high bounce rate indicates that there is a problem with your website. We can show you how to make sure your content resonates with visitors right from the start

Don’t Pass To The Competition
Why this matters

<30% Bounce Rate

If a user clicks the back button, they likely didn’t find the information they were looking for. That’s why its so important to keep your landing page free of distractions and focus on content that adds value.
Mobile SEO

Customer Journey Mapping

Understanding the customer journey is an important part of any successful website. The idea behind the customer journey is identifying what obstacles potential customers face before making a buying decision. Using this information, we can create an experience that removes those obstacles and gets the customer towards the goal.

Facing Objections
Why this matters

Remove The Obstacles

The best converting websites follow a customer’s journey from discovery to purchase. By carefully considering your audience’s thought process you can answer questions and overcome objections before the customer even asks.
Site Speed

Site Speed

It’s becoming more important for a website to load quickly. Along with Google adding site speed as a keyword ranking factor, a sluggish website will turn potential customers away before they even get to your website. Our developers will analyze your website to identify the problem areas and speed it up.

Site Speed
Why this matters

>3 Seconds

For every second that your website takes to load your conversion rate drops while bounce rate increases. A speedy page is essential to keeping visitors engaged.
Link Building

A/B Testing

We build a conversion strategy unique for each of our clients. In order to make sure we maximize the potential of your webstie, we let the data do the talking. A/B testing allows us to test a different call to action or visual cues to get more customers filling out your contact form.

Get Actionable Data
Why this matters

3.8x More backlinks

The #1 google result averages 3.8x more backlinks than sites ranking in lower positions*

Explosive Organic Traffic meets DATA DRIVEN Conversion Rate Optimization

Effective Conversion Testing

Getting our clients more leads is the core of what has driven us to create an effective CRO strategy. By analyzing how visitors interact with your website through A/B testing, we are able to understand what your unique customers need to make a buying decision. Our system is time-tested and proven throughout a wide variety of industries.

Our Approach To Conversion Rate

We understand your customers are as unique as your business. Our framework allows us to customize our approach to meet your specific business needs. No two strategies are identical, but they are driven by core principles that have proven to generate results.



Knowing where your site has been and what marketing tactics have been previously used, gives us the details needed to create a new blueprint that will produce real results. We explore your website’s user experience in depth, enabling us to know what actions to take to get potential customers to take the most desired action.. During this step, we also pinpoint any potential objections that may exist for your target audience.


Plan And Strategize

Based on the information gathered from the initial analysis, we determine a plan of attack to improve your conversion rate. Although we use tried and proven methods to improve conersions, every client is unique and requires special attention. Therefore, each CRO plan is uniquely crafted to fit the client’s specific needs. We begin by discussing what the most desired action you would like visitors to take. Then, by mapping out the customer journey through your website, a plan can be formed to position visitors to have the highest likelihood of taking that action and remove any potential distractions.



Now we know where your website has been and how visitors engage with it, we begin removing distractions and repositioning your content. This includes restructuring the order of on page content to increase visibility of essential information and simplifying page navigation.


User Experience

Our technical tactics focus on creating a clean and speedy website architecture. Many studies have linked page speed directly to conversion rates, and depending on your target audience a big focus may be put on mobile users. Cleaning out any broken links or 404’d pages is a must to ensure potential customers don’t hit a dead end.


Monitor & Report

At the end of each month, we build a custom conversion rate report which outlines traffic from each source and compares it to the number of goal completions. This serves a two-fold purpose. First, it keeps you informed and aware of what is being done each month. Second, it provides Firestarter an opportunity to revisit our strategy and continually fine-tune it to ensure the best possible results.

What Our Clients Say

Don’t take our word for it. We’ve earned 4.8 stars on Google and 4.9 stars on Clutch. See what our clients have to say:



“Thanks to them, we appear on the first page when searched on Google, we dominate our space.” – Jay E.


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