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Content Creation

One of the most challenging tasks for a business owner to accomplish is creating content on their website. From messaging that converts to expanding content through blog creation, Firestarter SEO creates purposeful content designed to earn links and increase your rankings.

Why Content Creation Matters

Website Content With A Purpose

Overstating the importance of content is difficult. Content serves many functions on your website from ranking to educating new and existing customers.

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Our Approach To Content Creation

Useful for users, optimized for crawlers, & valuable for link building

The content we create for you is based on your site needs. We create content that is useful for your users, valuable for search engines, and leveraged for links.

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Content Creation Results

Content that Ranks, Earns links & Drives Results

Content that Ranks, Earns links & Drives Results

In Detail

Website Content With A Purpose

Your potential customers are online every day consuming content. Your content needs to be visible. Great content can rank in search engines, answer site visitors’ questions, and earn links back to your website.

  • Increase Visibility – Google ranks content for queries your potential customers are making. Having a library of content shows google you are topically relevant for users search queries.
  • Earn Links – Content earns links from readers, sharing, posting, and citing your content. Content also provides us a digital asset we can use for link building.
  • Resources for Potential Clients – The content becomes a resource for your customers.
  • Industry Expert – Well thought out and researched content can help you be perceived online as an industry expert.
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Keyword Focused Content that Fuels Results.

Content comes in many shapes and sizes. When building content for your website it is important we understand what the purpose of the content is. Is it a pillar page that traffic should be driven to? Or is it a supporting page helping improve the relevancy of your website? Or is it an asset used to earn links? Determining the purpose of your content will help fuel results.

Pillar Page

Pillar pages are the main page your would like to rank in google. Pillar pages focus on your "target keywords". Much of the content your create should support these pages.


Keyword Rich

Blogs can help support the target keywords you want to rank for. In general, we recommend 6-8 supporting pieces of content to centered around your target keywords.

Digital Assets

Linkable Content

Digital assets come in many forms. The comprehensive guides are the main digital assets we create. Guides are commonly searched for and are great for link outreach.


Visual Content

Infographics are a visual representation of data or information. Infographics are a relatively easy way to earn links back to the content you have created.

Case Studies

Build Trust

Case studies are a great way to show clients the results of using your product or service.

Landing Pages

Drive Conversions

Landing pages are created to convert customers into clients. Landing pages follow a specific format and copy form to convince prospects on taking your call to action.

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Relevant, Useful & Link Building Machine

The content we create for you follows our SEO framework allowing your content to fulfill its purpose. Useful for users, optimized for crawlers, and valuable for link building. Below are the steps we follow to determine what content to create through to producing and earning links for your content.

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Keyword Research

When creating content our first step is determining what topics users are searching that supports the target keywords we are trying to rank for. We develop a content calendar scheduling out the topics for 6-12 months.

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Digital Asset

A digital asset is well researched and is built around your target keyword. Generally, the digital asset comes in the form of a comprehensive guide. The guide will reference the supporting content pieces and link them to the pillar page. The guide can also be leveraged for link building outreach.


Link Building

The final step in our content production process is to distribute the content. The newly generated content pieces are used in outreach emails asking for a link. Having an asset to link to increases the chances of acquiring a link.


Supporting Content

Create keyword supporting content. Supporting content most commonly comes in the form of blogs. The blog topics should focus on customer questions and long-tail searches. Supporting content is built around your target keywords to help them rank.



The third component of our content creation strategy is to repurpose the digital asset an infographic. The infographic is then leveraged to builder more links it also interlinks to the digital asset funneling links back to the pillar content.


Content that Ranks, Earns links & Drives Results

The final content deliverable is a written or visual asset. Each piece of content is designed for a reason. The Main deliverables we create for you are:

  • Pillar content is created to rank for a target keyword.
  • Blogs are written to answer questions for potential customers and support your pillar content.
  • Digital asset is generally a guide and an infographic, these pieces are designed to rank for long-tail keywords, support your target keywords, and are used to build links.
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"I’m receiving several per week."

“I started with zero calls coming in, and now I’m receiving several per week.”

Starting with a very small site, Firestarter SEO built out content on a variety of pages. This expanded their ability to rank and generate quality leads.

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"Fantastic SEO"

“Firestarter offers professional SEO services at any scale. When we sat down with their team the most important word I heard over and over was “custom”. Firestarter is more than just fantastic SEO, they make clients feel like they are the number 1 priority!” – Elliot S