Internet Marketing Starts With Web Design

Internet marketing starts with web design. How your site looks, feels and acts has an enormous impact on your rankings. No one trusts a company to deliver professional services or products that has a site that looks like it was designed by a high school senior in 2003 or is so cumbersome that they give up after five seconds. Not only does the design of your site play a role in SEO but it also is an integral part of the sales process. Having a professional, user-friendly website has the power to increase your conversion rate (CR) exponentially.

Firestarter approaches web design built around a single objective: How can we best communicate what it is this site offers? With this question in mind we craft a sleek, lean and great looking site around the single goal of selling the product, service or brand of the company. Everything from the design, color palate and language will communicate this idea to everyone visiting the website.

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