Meet The Firestarters: Myles Rieger



History and Background

Myles is the newest Firestarter to join the team, having joined the company in October of 2020. Myles was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on a steady diet of gumbo and LSU football. Myles has been an LSU fan his entire life and not only did he attend college there, but even his middle school and high school were both located on the campus and affiliated with the university. So it’s safe to say that all things LSU run deep for him.

Following his graduation from LSU with a degree in history and political science, Myles set off almost immediately for a life in Europe. After studying abroad in Germany in 2013, Myles had developed a deep passion for travelling and exploring cultures different from his own. He arrived in Prague, Czech Republic in August of 2015 to take an intensive 1 month course that trained him to teach English to foreigners and soon after began teaching. Not long after his arrival though he began working in tourism and travel related industries in the Czech Republic which had recently become one of the most visited destinations in Europe for tourists. Initially working as a tour guide, he soon began working for an ambitious startup company that specialized in planning private/custom trips to Europe for English speakers. This was ideal as Myles was able to use his knowledge of travel and European history to help make sure his clients visited and experienced everything they were looking for. Within a short period of time, Myles was managing the most successful sales team in the company and helped the business grow from a group of only 7 people to over 50.

When the Covid-19 Pandemic began in Europe in late February of 2020, the tourism and travel industries were one of the very first to collapse. Unfortunately this is what led the company he was working for to fail. At the same time, throughout the life of the company, one of the main issues that it had was its marketing spending. The company itself was reliant on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising which ultimately used up nearly 70% of the company’s monthly revenue. Just prior to the start of the pandemic, Myles and other leaders in the company had begun familiarizing themselves with SEO and began considering making this switch for the company. Unfortunately, it was too little too late to make the switch as the pandemic began soon after and the company faltered. Regardless, his time with the company had given Myles a solid foundation in regards to sales, business development, team management, and digital marketing. 

In July of 2020, having visited 38 countries in his time abroad, Myles decided it was time to head back to the US. He decided on Denver, Colorado because he knew that it was a city of opportunity where it would be easier to find work than in Louisiana. But most importantly the famed Rocky Mountains were nearby where Myles could continue his passion for snowboarding and hiking. 

Responsibilities As A Firestarter

Myles came aboard in October 2020 in an account executive role. Having recognized his social skills and friendly personality we knew that he’d fit into the role in an enthusiastic way. Myles prides himself on being able to talk to just about anyone and takes special care in serving the specific needs of his clients. In his role, Myles manages the entire sales process related to acquiring new clients, understanding their needs and goals, implementation of strategies, and account management throughout the entire process.  

Other aspects of his position include:

  • Keyword targeting
  • Building out keyword maps
  • Strategizing on link building campaigns
  • Advertising management

Hobbies and Interests

Obviously travel remains a big part of Myles’ life and when taking vacation time off he can generally be found (or not found!) in a foreign country trying to understand what makes each culture unique compared to our own. When not travelling, Myles enjoys spending time with his friends and family, cooking Cajun food the way his momma taught him, snowboarding, hiking, watching sports, and going to concerts.

We are fortunate to have Myles on the team and he looks forward to helping businesses increase their online visibility and getting them to the first page of Google.

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