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Many SEO companies offer an extremely wide variety of digital marketing services diluting their SEO expertise. At Firestarter, we’ve narrowed our focus to search engine optimization. Our narrowed focus on SEO sets us apart from our competitors, giving you the assurance of working with a true SEO expert instead of a “jack of all trades and a master of none”.

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Firestarter SEO is the premier Boulder SEO agency. We have established a system revolving around proven and established best practices. We provide a variety of services to help your clients find you first. Ultimately, our marketing services are focused on one thing: Fueling your Results.

*Sources for SEO Statistics can be found here.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most effective marketing tools available for businesses. It is extremely valuable because it brings pre-qualified leads and customers to your business. Customers are searching for you and your services. You, for example, most likely searched “Boulder SEO Company” and look what you found! SEO eliminates the need for all those beautiful in-person sales pitches and who doesn’t love that?

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Why this Matters

75% Seaches From Google

In 2019, Google was the dominant search engine, holding over 75% of all global desktop search traffic.*

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On-Site SEO

On-site SEO is an important aspect for all websites. First and most importantly, HTML tag optimization, HTML tags have certain meanings and use cases. Each tag needs to be used properly in order to fully optimize your website. Some HTML tags have more prominence and weight on your site rankings than others. We make sure the on-site optimization is done correctly and has the appropriate keyword usage sprinkled throughout the content. All of this provides your users with a friendly experience and search engines the ability to index your site properly. When on-site SEO is done correctly and combined with powerful off-site SEO, the results can be stunning.

Why this Matters

57% Effective SEO

According to 57% of marketing professionals, on-page content development is considered the most effective SEO tactic.*

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Local SEO

Localized search is the gateway to online visibility for small and medium businesses who only serve a particular area and is a key component to our Boulder SEO efforts. Recently, search engines have moved more towards local search results, opening the doors even further to great opportunities for local businesses everywhere. Businesses can now leverage their location and gain relevant visits and potential customers.

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Why this Matters

+200% "Near Me" Searches

Over the past two years, “Where to buy” + “near me” mobile queries have grown by 200%.*

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Mobile SEO

More and more people are performing searches on mobile devices. As the trend continues it is important that your website and SEO are ready. The way we prepare a site for mobile-first is to make sure the website can be viewed properly on a mobile device, sometimes this is a simple as updating the viewport on a website. In other cases, this may mean building a responsive site. Once the website is ready to be viewed on mobile, we optimize the site for local search, searches centered around a location or area. Furthermore, we optimize pages for “Near Me” searches.

Expert tip – Use retargeting Ads for mobile.

Why this Matters

52% Mobile Searches

According to data gathered in 2019, 52% of online traffic occurs from mobile users while 45% originates from desktop searches.*

Site Speed

Along the lines of having a site ready for mobile and local search, Google has made site speed a ranking factor, although a very minor one, it’s becoming more important for a website to load quickly. Using various plugins and some minor dev fixes we speed up pages slowing your website down.

Why this Matters

-12% Conversion Rate

For every second that your website takes to load your conversion rate drops by 12%.*

Voice Search

As technology advances, voice search is becoming more and more crucial to a company’s online visibility. Firestarter SEO can help optimize your website to prepare for the increasing shift to voice searches. We do this by ensuring your site is optimized for mobile, using natural search language in your content, and focusing on keywords with the right user intent.

Why this Matters

75% Voice Search Queries

Relatively 75% of voice search query results rank in the top 3 positions of Google.*

Why You Should Consider Voice Search

Content Creation

There is a lot of stress on content marketers and company owners to create quality usable content for their clients. Usable content comes in many forms, one of the most effective forms of content being a blog. Maintaining a blog on a regular basis can be tedious and demanding, but the rewards are tremendous.

Firestarter has an advanced copywriting team with education majors in public relations and communications. They each have years of experience in writing quality content for websites and blogs. Their creative minds allow for successful writing in many industries from technology, plastic surgery, insurance, and more! So no matter what industry you are in, we can help you write successful, quality content.

Why this Matters

106% Increase

Adding updates, new content and republishing past blogs can increase a site's organic traffic by nearly 106%*

How To Create SEO Friendly Content

Link Building

Link building has become increasingly more difficult with Google updates like Penguin. As link building becomes more intricate, it becomes even more imperative that you have an SEO company that understands how to build long-lasting links and useful content. Our link building strategies help clients build clean and natural link profiles, allowing their websites to remain relevant and authoritative to search engines.

Why this Matters

3.8x More backlinks

The #1 google result averages 3.8x more backlinks than sites ranking in lower positions*

How Link Building Helps Your SEO

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of site visitors who perform your call to action(s). Basic CRO is making sure you have a phone number at the top of your page and a form prominently placed. Beyond the basics, we implement website eye-tracking or screen recording to get an understanding of how a visitor engages with your site. Based on that data CRO gets more in-depth as we A/B content, colors, image, etc…

Why this Matters

SEO +14.6% conversion rate

Leads coming from organic search average a 14.6% conversion rate. In contrast with strategies of the past, such as direct mail and print ads, that only acquired a conversion rate of 1.7%.

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Our PROVEN SEO FRAMEWORK Has Helped Countless Boulder Based Business Achieve Results.


Effective SEO Framework

The desire to fuel your results is the core of what has driven us to create the most effective framework for Boulder SEO and ranking locally in the Boulder area. With more than 10 years in the SEO industry and roots beyond, we know what it takes to rank in Boulder. By focusing on what we know works, we have time-tested and proven our strategy through the many industries found in Boulder.

Customize SEO

Your website should be as unique as your business and our framework allows us to customize our approach accordingly. No SEO campaign is the same, but they hold fast to the core principles that have generated results for our Colorado clients and ourselves alike. These core principles are: Technical SEO, On-Site SEO, Content, and Link Building.

Consistency Is Key

“I talked with four SEO companies. Firestarter was the only one that actually listened and created a custom proposal for me. I was looking for a long-term partner that I could bounce ideas off and grow with. Firestarter fit the bill!”

Chris Lopez –



The initial status of your SEO is critical. Gathering a full understanding of your website and what marketing tactics have been executed in the past gives us the details needed to create a successful, customized blueprint for success around your desired results. As we explore your website’s content and link profile on a deeper level we are able to pinpoint any critical obstacles that may exist.



After gathering the information from our in-depth audit, we create the roadmap to fuel your results. While we do follow a tried and true framework for implementation, each client and each SEO campaign is unique and requires special attention. With this in mind, the fuel we use for results is uniquely crafted to fit the needs of the campaign itself. The foundation of our SEO campaigns are centered around keywords. We then design an advanced link building strategy around these keywords and what links the domain lacks.



Once the foundation is established and we have a comprehensive understanding of the opportunity your domain possesses, we begin the implementation phase. We start with the essential on-site SEO elements, including title tags, meta descriptions, site architecture, interlinking pages, and more, all while creating unique, engaging, and highly linkable content. This focus lets results accelerate initially and sets the stage for continued success with the support of our efforts.



Your link profile is similar to a book of references with Google. Our natural and authoritative link building campaigns rely on a quality over quantity mentality. Most of the time spent on link building centers around creating unique and useful content, and then finding relevant websites which Google trusts to place content on. We constantly monitor your link building campaign for maximum effectiveness.



The best systems in the world are nothing if they lack transparency and an advanced SEO campaign is no different. We want to give you the opportunity to have ownership of your campaign and our monthly reports and reporting dashboard do just that. Our custom monthly reports feature rankings, traffic, new links, task reports and more. Each of our clients also has regular access to their reporting dashboard to view different time frames and instant results. This process allows you to understand the efforts taking place within the campaign, and allows us to fine tune your campaign on the fly.

Here's What Successful SEO Looks Like.

Increase In Rankings

Rankings improving for your target keywords until the reach page one and continue on until they reach the tops spots. You will also experience what we call the “Halo Effect”, basically rankings will increase for other keywords not only keywords you are targeting.

Increase In Organic Traffic

As your ranking increases your traffic should follow. You should see an upward trend in organic traffic.

Increase In Conversions

As we track phone calls and form submissions these will increase for you turning into an…

Increase In Revenue

As you convert leads your revenue should increase and you’ll receive a handsome return on your SEO investment.

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How a Colorado Sprinkler Company received 2,091 Calls in 1 Year

“Honestly, this is probably the best decision we’ve made as a business.” – Justin V

Stuck in a competitive market, a small business owner reached out to help grow his business with SEO Services. Firestarter SEO’s framework created fantastic results the client could build around.

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“One great thing about Firestarter SEO is that they’re people you completely trust. What they’ve done has really helped us.”

Firestarter SEO’s audit uncovered major mistakes by their previous provider. Once they were fixed, results took off, and calls started coming in.

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“I used to have an SEO company halfway across the country. They never answered their phone and gave me the cookie-cutter campaign approach. Since going with Firestarter, the phone won’t stop ringing and they have gotten me leads that have paid for their services for years to come!” – Sean W.

Our Technical SEO efforts removed critical errors, leading to a rebound in rankings immediately. Since the start of the campaign, nearly 400 phone calls have been received for his SEO campaign.

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