The Challenge

CreteJack provides an innovative solution to classic concrete issues like cracked driveways and sinking concrete porches. They inject polyurethane foam to lift the concrete, providing a much more permanent solution to mudjacking, and a much cheaper alternative to completely re-pouring the concrete. As a small business, CreteJack had a limited budget but was looking to realize the immense potential this business had.

At the beginning of the campaign, CreteJack was hardly receiving any leads from their website. Their goal was one lead per day. From a rankings standpoint, they had 13 first page rankings, but each keyword had fairly low search volume.

The Solution

Simply identifying keywords with high intent and a clear location (such as “Concrete Repair Denver”) quickly improved their rankings. The other thing Firestarter SEO focused on was resolving critical crawl errors. Since a budget-friendly campaign doesn’t provide enough resources to simply clean every crawl error at once, being strategic in our efforts was paramount.

The other plan we implemented was a local-focused link building strategy. When it comes to local SEO, directory links and other link building efforts can be extremely impactful. When CreteJack began with us, they had only 16 unique websites linking back to their site. We were able to double that over the first few months.

The Results

167 Leads in the first 6 months, with 40 leads in month 6.

125% Organic traffic increase.

24 First page rankings, an increase from just 13 when they started