Link Building for ECommerce Sites


Link building is the most effective way to boost your rankings. The more unique, high-quality websites who have established trust with Google who link to your website, the better your rankings will be. The challenges can be multi-layered and that is no different for ECommerce sites. The good thing about ECommerce sites is you have all the valuable and linkable content right at your fingertips.


No matter what type of products you are supplying your customers, there will always be those products that are the most popular and top sellers. Why not leverage those during your outreach? This can be beneficial on two fronts:

  1. Another website would be much more inclined to link back to your site if you have a product that has great visibility in whatever industry you’re in.
  2. Chances are if you have the product on your website, you already have all the content you need to acquire that link. So all the work you did on the front end will be paying for itself.


A lot of websites have a resources section where they list trusted providers related to their field or industry. For instance, if you sell furniture, you could find yourself by building a link in the resources section of an interior decorator or remodeler. This would not only be a link back to your site, but also another avenue for new leads.



Building relationships is foundational in growing any business. This is also true when it comes to building your SEO. You can do this in two ways when it comes to link building for ECommerce websites:

  • Influencers – In any industry there are those who are influential. People follow them on social media and will also read their content. You could offer an incentive where authoritative bloggers and social media users or are incentivized to link back to your website.
  • Guest Blog – Gaining influencer’s support can prove to be challenging in any given industry to link to you over your competition. Chances are you are not the only one to reach out to them to ask for a link back. Developing Guest Blogging relationships can have some short and long term benefits. For instance, in the short term, you can link back to your site while at the same time provide valuable content for the site owner.


Since link building is such a major part of SEO, it’s easy to settle for lackluster content.  Make sure your content stays informative and serves your potential customers. In addition, you should always make sure your anchor text stays diverse. Anchoring the same word in your blog back to your site looks odd to the eye and to the search engines.


Some may say that link building isn’t an effective way to get new viable customers to your website. Seeing as how Google works, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Link building for ECommerce websites takes hard work and you won’t enjoy the fruits of your labor until months down the road. Make sure you have a solid strategy in place and stay the course.

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