Is Denver SEO Different than Regular SEO?


The short answer is yes, but as always, it is much more involved than this to understand the nuances of difference between a campaign in a major market, like Denver, versus SEO efforts with limited competition. Much of this blog will refer to Denver and the SEO tactics related, but the greater majority of these tactics translate into major markets across the United States which we do service.

Denver SEO Services Competition

Major SEO Market Competition

The first step in putting together any type of SEO campaign is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the efforts competing in the space. With the nature of Google rankings it is easy to go to the first page and audit the competition out performing a certain domain. We then take a look at the requirements to compete in the space and build a proposal accordingly. While things may change as the campaign progresses, we have seen great results from these tactics. Here are a few of the factors we include when auditing the websites of your competition:

The list above is limited to 5 factors, but each factor listed above must be audited and investigated for a deeper understanding. While someone may have 5,000 links pointing to a website, they could all be F quality links. In this case, with a few high-quality links, you could be competing almost immediately in the space. On the same hand, you may find yourself up against 15 links, but all of them are superior quality. This will all be discussed in the sales process as you work through your SEO discovery and campaign buildout with your respective salesperson. Taking the time to dig deeper into the factors associated with the performance of your website lets us see what it will take to rank your website, but gives us the opportunity to educate you on the different nuances associated.

Barrier to Entry

The factor we typically see in less competitive markets is a lower barrier to entry. We had a company request a proposal that focuses on office and residential cleaning in a rural area outside of Denver. Even though they had recently launched their website, Google was waiting for someone to enter the space and compete. After auditing the lack of competition and intentional SEO effort related, we realized all the website was lacking was optimization. Once we implemented our titles, descriptions, copy on the page, and built out a few business profiles, rankings skyrocketed. This is a typical occurrence in many smaller markets across the United States. Google has positioned websites that are near but may not directly apply to the market in question. Looping a business into the mix with the specific location included in the address can yield near-immediate results.

After considering the factors included above, you can see how so much of SEO revolves around what your competition is doing. Our audits include updated information after a period of time, so we can see how many links have been built to the domain recently, versus those which have stayed for years. Give us a call today to learn more about fueling your Denver SEO results.

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